Mons Calpe Suite Package

Our Mons Calpe Suite Package

Situated at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, this breathtaking venue is guaranteed to elicit a collective gasp of awe from your guests.

Accessible via a scenic 6-minute cable car ride or a 20-minute car drive, the location features circular glass walls that offer panoramic views of the Bay of Gibraltar, Spain, and Africa beyond.

The wedding ceremony takes place in the Conservatory Room, part of the Mons Calpe Suite and located next to the Suite’s restaurant.

At this venue, ceremonies are available on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 3.30pm to 7.30pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 7pm.

Package includes:

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Liaising directly with you, the
Registrar and the Mons Calpe Suite
representative at all times in order
to provisionally book your preferred
wedding date and time.

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Assistance with all your legal
documentation and paperwork.

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Handling of ALL fees on your behalf
(there are no hidden fees to be paid). These fees include:

  • The special wedding licence fee.
  • All ceremony and registration fees.
  • Commissioner for oaths and or notary public fees.
  • 2 original marriage certificates.
  • Hiring fee for the use of the Mons Calpe Suite along with 8 cable car tickets.
  • Registrar transportation to and from the Mons Calpe Suite.
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A bridal bouquet, along with a
matching buttonhole. You will, of course,
choose the colour of your choice.

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Photography during the ceremony
(photos will then be sent to you via a weblink).

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We will also act as witnesses (if required)
on your wedding. Note that 2 persons
over the age of 18 are required.


Before I leave you to digest all this information, please take a look at our testimonials received from wedding couples who have chosen to marry using our services. You can always reach out to them for assurance and find out more about our professional wedding planners in Gibraltar.

Mons Calpe Suite Package Gallery

For a tailor-made Wedding Package, we can provide you with the following additional services

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Collection upon arrival at
either Gibraltar or Spain

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Booking accommodation for
you and your guests.

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Catering and restaurant

Make Up Icon

Make-up, hairstyling, eyelash
extensions, manicure,
facials, massage waxing etc.

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Wedding cake.

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Wedding car / chauffeur

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Professional Photographer.

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Gibraltar tours.

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Wedding favors.

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