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About Sweet Gibraltar Weddings

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings is Gibraltar’s most trusted wedding planning company (our reviews speak for themselves).

Having actively planned weddings for couples from different countries regardless of race, creed and colour, Sweet Gibraltar Weddings promises the creativity, vibrancy and talent of dedicated and skilled professionals to bring your beautiful and utterly memorable dream wedding to life.

We are fully aware of the pressures of how creating the right theme, mood and atmosphere can determine the success of your day. With our expert organisational skills, we not only help prepare your wedding with you for you but also help guide you through the maze of wedding trivia that can sometimes be overwhelming. The day may just be 24 hours long, but we know how to make those 24 hours truly memorable not only for you but for your guests as well. So in order to love every moment of your dream wedding and relish in its’ renowned success, why not let us help you relish your day, the one you’ve been waiting for.

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings specialises in planning and coordinating weddings, not birthday parties or other events which has made us experts in our field. We are committed to helping you make the memories that up until now have only been a dream.

Weddings are unique, beautiful, emotional and often the biggest day of someone’s life, and I with the team are honoured to be able to create them. Working with couples from all over the world and really getting to know them is an incredible experience and something I have an immense passion for doing.

Over the years, Sweet Gibraltar Weddings have arranged over 4000 weddings since 2008 and in the last two years alone, we have assisted over 700 couples worldwide. We make the whole process very simple and stress free.

The first step is to say ‘Hello…’ so please do take a browse around the site and contact us, because here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we are dying to say ‘Hello’ back!

Meet our Director

Chamaine (Founder of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings)

Chamaine Cruz is the founder of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. With over a decade of experience in the wedding industry, Chamaine is a highly regarded wedding planner known for her creativity, attention to detail, and impeccable organisational skills.

Chamaine has a passion for creating memorable and unique weddings that reflect the personalities and style of each couple she works with. Her goal is to ensure that every aspect of the wedding, from the venue and decor to the catering and entertainment, is executed flawlessly.

In addition to planning weddings, Chamaine is also involved in promoting Gibraltar as a premier wedding destination. She has worked with local businesses and tourism organisations to showcase the beauty and charm of Gibraltar.