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The Rock of Gibraltar is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Its strategic location and history have made it an international symbol of solidity and strength, and it frequently features in the world press and media.

Gibraltar is connected to Spain by a sandy isthmus, a ferry to Morocco and flights to London. The subject of repeated conquest and sieges, Gibraltar has been a British Territory since 1704. Ceded forever to Britain by Spain in the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), Gibraltar joined the EU in 1973, under the British Treaty of Accession. The locally elected Government of Gibraltar has created a solid economy. In a modern Europe, this country has its base in offshore finance, shipping, tourism and the Internet rather than its military past. There is, however, much of that for the tourist to see, along with the famous apes. When you first see the Rock of Gibraltar, it is its impressive stature, towering isolated above the surrounding countryside that has the greatest impact. It is a narrow peninsula linked to the end of the Iberian Peninsula by a narrow sandy isthmus. The Airport is built on this flat area, and the frontier with Spain is to the North. The Eastern side is made up of sheer cliffs, reaching a maximum altitude of 426 meters with sandy beaches forming the perimeter. The western slopes are gentler and much of its lower half is taken up by the city, with the upper parts having been turned into a nature reserve.

Gibraltar Quick Facts

Main Language:
£ Sterling (GBP)
Political Climate:
Around 300 days of sunshine, warm summers, mild winters.
South-western tip of Europe, Strait of Gibraltar, entrance to the Mediterranean, accessible by land, sea and air.
Self governing UK overseas territory; part of the Commonwealth; entered the EC in 1973 at the time of UK accession, though the Common Agricultural Policy, Value Added Tax and the Common Customs Tariff do not apply to Gibraltar.
6.54 sq km (2.53 sq mi)
Tax System:
Low tax jurisdiction; VAT Free, No Capital Gains, Estate Duty, Wealth, Inheritance, Gift or other capital taxes.
International airport; excellent road links into Europe and Africa, British-European business hub with advanced fibre-optic communications, high resilience and very secure; First-class financial services.
Mixed cultures, pleasant, high quality of life with increasing luxury and affordable property developments; safe place all-round.
Economic State:
Robust, vibrant economy, GDP £869 million (+8.0% from previous year).
Legal System:
Modelled on the British Legal system; well regulated jurisdiction.
Main Economic Sectors:
Financial Services, Maritime, Tourism and E-Gaming.
10.3 million visitors, holiday hot spot; beach weather; ample history; various tourist sites; large, protected nature reserve; abundance of flora and fauna; duty-free shopping; numerous restaurants, bars; something for everyone.
Commercial Port; Registrar of Ships; one of the top bunkering ports in the world; Cruise Liner hot stop, quality Maritime Services; numerous Marinas.
Time zone:
Time zone: GMT +1

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