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Brush up on your Spanish for your Gibraltar Wedding

If you’ve already decided on the beautiful island of Gibraltar for your wedding, you may be thinking about brushing up on the local language for your trip. Did you know that Gibraltar has its own local dialect – Llanito? Llanito is a mix of Spanish, English, and Portuguese – so it may be a little too much homework to pick...
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Why get married in Gibraltar?

Of all the places in the world, why should you choose to get married in Gibraltar? What is it about the peninsula that would make for the sweetest, picturesque wedding? And why choose Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to organise your big day? So why Gibraltar? Gibraltar is a stunning part of the world and sits in the southern tip of the...
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5 of the most perfect colour themes for a Gibraltar wedding

Whether you have a style in mind for your wedding day or you’re still undecided on the theme of your day, some colour schemes can truly look amazing in a beautiful Gibraltar wedding setting. If you’re considering getting married in Gibraltar, here are a few different themes that will look stunning on your big day. Gold and pink The ultimate...
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Three reasons to buy your wedding rings in Gibraltar

If you want to guarantee the same wonderful weather that Harry and Meghan enjoyed at their fabulous wedding, then you’ll already have booked a date in Gibraltar. And you’ve probably decided on your dress, the reception and the honeymoon. But what about your wedding rings? Should you buy them in the UK and bring them with you, or plan to...
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Distinctive Wedding Traditions in UK & Spain

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of two individuals, and if it is accompanied with cultural tradition, family and close friends, it becomes memorable not only to newlywed couples but also to attendees of the event. We have received customs of wedding traditions from our ancestors, where each custom has its own unique prominence...
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Gibraltar weddings provide you with an instant fuss-free honeymoon

A honeymoon is a tradition that newlyweds are all too happy to embrace. The trip, unfortunately, can be a hassle for many couples. After all, most brides and grooms are busy focusing on their upcoming nuptials – making the post-wedding holiday somewhat of a pain to plan and organise. Luckily there’s a solution if you choose to get hitched in...
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Choosing a Gibraltar themed wedding cake

Whether you’re planning a traditional Gibraltar wedding, or you’re out to surprise your guests with something more unusual, the all important wedding cake will be the centrepiece of your celebration. Many couples choose the theme for their cake based on the location of their wedding, which can produce some eye-catching results. Gibraltar offers so many fantastic ideas for the theme...
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