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Which would be the best choice for your wedding: a DJ or a band?

There’s no question that arranging the entertainment for your nuptials can be one of the most… well, entertaining aspects of the whole process of planning a wedding. It can give you the perfect opportunity to infuse your wedding reception with just the vibe you want, through the power of music and the associated visuals. To this end, when a lot...
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Who traditionally paid for a wedding… and who pays for it now?

It’s a fascinating thing to look back at how wedding customs have evolved over time. The past, as they say, is a different country, and it’s interesting to think about how changes in social attitudes and culture have also impacted on who we expect to reach into their pockets for which aspects of a wedding.  And, perhaps most importantly if...
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How quickly can you get married in Gibraltar?

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and it makes sense to want to have it in a beautiful location. Gibraltar is the perfect location for a wedding, and you need only be in the country for 36 hours in order to have a legally binding marriage. Not only is it a stunning location and...
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Wonderful ideas for beach themed wedding cakes

Choosing the destination for your wedding is often just as important as choosing the dress you’re going to wear. Of course, you want sun, you want somewhere beautiful, and you need everyone to be able to get there, so why not opt for a beach wedding? For example, there are many beaches in Gibraltar that are perfect for weddings. Once...
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How can you best cope with an especially hot wedding in Gibraltar?

If there’s one thing that you presumably won’t need us to tell you here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, it’s that getting married in Gibraltar can be a seriously… balmy experience. After all, you will be an almost literal ‘stone’s throw’ here from Spain, Gibraltar being known for its Mediterranean climate characterised by very warm summers and mild winters.  But as...
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Where in Gibraltar did John Lennon get married?

John Lennon is not only a music legend but also an icon of 20th-century popular culture. Aspects of his life and tragic death are still much discussed. If you are currently planning a wedding, you may be wondering ‘where in Gibraltar did John Lennon get married?’ Many of his admirers may even be unaware that John Lennon even had a...
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4 wedding cake tips for destination weddings

The task of choosing the right wedding cake can be a complicated affair – from the flavours to the design, it is something your guests will remember forever. And with destination weddings such as Gibraltar weddings, there is an extra layer of logistical and environmental complication.  So, to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, here are four...
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