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Can I get married on a beach in Gibraltar?

Introduction If you’re planning on getting married in Gibraltar, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get married on the beach. The answer is no! There are strict rules against Gibraltar weddings on beaches and even civil marriages will not be performed there. Can I get married on a beach in Gibraltar? If you are thinking about getting married...
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3 reasons why a wedding videographer is close to essential

When it comes to organising weddings in Gibraltar – especially in the current age in which there is often so much pressure to keep costs low – it can be easy to imagine that certain things just aren’t really ‘needed’ in your nuptials, and can therefore be cut out.    Videography might seem to be one of those things –...
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What should a bride wear for a beach wedding abroad?

So, you’ve got your heart set on getting married in the sun, by the beautiful sea, with panoramic views of natural beauty and majestic coastlines. We think saying your vows by the beach makes for the perfect fairytale wedding. But what exactly does a bride wear to a beach wedding away from home? If you will be getting married in...
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3 ways to start planning a wedding in an exciting overseas destination

Getting engaged means an awful lot of things besides the sentimental – we’re talking practical matters like actually announcing the engagement, potentially planning an engagement party to celebrate the wonderful news, and arranging insurance for the engagement ring. Hey, we’re a wedding planning company – we have to remind you of such things!  But what about if, now engaged, you...
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How do I get married in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar’s glorious weather and beautiful, rugged landscape make it a popular location for getting married. As a British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar offers the familiarity and customs of a British wedding with the luxury of a Mediterranean setting. Here’s how to go about getting married in Gibraltar for those in the early stages of wedding planning. Book your marriage ceremony Given...
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Top Places to Get Married Abroad

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we understand that your wedding day is the most memorable and magical day of your life and that you and your partner want to begin your married lives together in an equally memorable and magical location. When it comes to international weddings, the first concern is often exotic, exciting locations and warm, sunny destinations: areas that...
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What are some of the wedding trends we expect to dominate 2023?

If 2022 was the year the world finally largely ‘moved on’ from the COVID-19 pandemic and put on some seriously fabulous weddings, 2023 might be the year when many trends related to this resurgence become cemented – and of course, we can expect plenty more besides.    So, for those of you planning on getting married in Gibraltar in the...
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