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Wonderful ideas for beach themed wedding cakes

Choosing the destination for your wedding is often just as important as choosing the dress you’re going to wear. Of course, you want sun, you want somewhere beautiful, and you need everyone to be able to get there, so why not opt for a beach wedding? For example, there are many beaches in Gibraltar that are perfect for weddings. Once you have chosen your beach location, it’s time to choose your cake. It must fit with the theme and compliment the environment while still being tasty. Let’s have a look at some popular beach wedding cake ideas…

Blue and Gold

Reminiscent of the sand and the ocean, this colour theme is both elegant and striking. Capturing your surroundings in your wedding cake really draws attention to not only the unity of food and location, but the beauty of both too.


Having the theme of seashells for your cake can come in many forms. For a more communal sharing experience, many, small pearl shell-shaped cakes with fondant or pearl-shaped treats within are an option. For the more extravagant wedding cake, a multi-tiered cake with shells adorning its sides will suit any beach wedding.

Sea glass

Whenever you take a walk along the beach and find little slivers of smooth, colourful sea glass washed ashore, it feels like finding small treasures. Why not bring that moment of excitement and beauty to your wedding cake with some sea glass styling in the form of fancy sugar work or other elegant decoration?

Creatures of the sea

If you want to go for something quite outlandish but very beach related, why not theme your cake to all the wonderful animals of the sea? You can theme your cake to the particular location you happen to be holding your wedding in. If you are having your wedding in Gibraltar, for example, you could have turtles and dolphins.

Whatever your theme, let your imagination run free and take in the surrounding environment. Inspiration is never far away from the beauty of the coast.