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Winter weddings in Gibraltar: What benefits are there to getting married at this time of year?

Planning out a wedding is a big undertaking and involves a myriad of things to consider. One of the most basic is where and when it will happen. For many people, Gibraltar is a natural location because of its romantic reputation and exotic feel. Although you may automatically think a Spring or Summer wedding makes the best sense, Winter weddings have their own unique advantages.

But what might they be?

Special time of year

Getting married in Gibraltar is always magical at any time of year – but there is certainly something special about Winter ceremonies. Although temperatures stay warm (December’s average high is around 17 degrees), the island still has a magical, alluring feel. Of course, if you choose to marry close to or over Xmas, it gets even more amazing. With decorations in all the wedding venues, bars and restaurants, you cannot help but feel the Xmas cheer.

Availability of guests and venues

If you get married over Summer, you could find that picking a date when all your guests can attend is tricky. This is because most people go away on holiday for a week or two over Summer. As a result, you could end up getting married without some important people present. Winter weddings are much better in terms of availability. Not only are fewer people likely to be away over Winter but the availability of venues will also be much better.

Xmas time off

We have already noted that organising a Winter wedding over Xmas in Gibraltar is truly magical. It also sees more people being able to share your big day because many will get time off for the holidays. In some cases, companies will shut down entirely for the Christmas period. This means guests do not have the hassle of trying to book extra time off and do not have to worry about fitting leave in with other work colleagues. It can also help the happy couple too, as you might find it easier to use any time off you get at Xmas to get married.

Organise your Winter wedding in Gibraltar with us

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we have many years experience of in organising Winter weddings on the island. Whether you opt for the Xmas period or any other part of the season, we can help make arranging your big day hassle-free. Get in touch at today for more details.