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Why you should create a hashtag for your wedding in Gibraltar

A wedding hashtag is a fairly new phenomenon – but even the most traditional brides and grooms can find it useful. In fact, it can be particularly handy for those couples who are lucky enough to be getting married abroad. Making one is as easy as choosing your surname or location, meaning yours might be the likes of #JonesWedding or #GibraltarWedding. What – you might well ask – can come from making a hashtag? Let’s look at four ways one could actually benefit your wedding in Gibraltar.


Hashtags are primarily used to consolidate conversation. Due to this, your chosen hashtag can create a virtual space to discuss all things related to your wedding on social media. It’s a nifty way to keep your guests in the loop and make sure that everyone’s on the same page when it comes to the plans.


A hashtag has the power to bring like-minded people together – in this case, your guests! Everyone who uses it will be a friend or family member, meaning they can identify each other and link up prior to your big day. This should ensure that everyone feels comfortable around each other when you tie the knot.


You could think of a hashtag being much like a town crier announcing your impending nuptials. Each time someone uses it they’re actually building even more fanfare over the occasion and building people’s excitement for it. Ultimately, it’s just another way of making others feel hyped for your wedding.


You can encourage people to use your chosen hashtag when they share pictures or videos from your wedding. This means that they all end up in one easy-to-find place. Much like hiring a wedding planning company, this is just another way that you can ensure an added level of convenience for your wedding.

Will you make one?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to create your ideal hashtag if you choose to marry with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. After all, we’ll focus on all the little details of your big day so that you can keep your attention on the fun parts.