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Why you should consider a first look for your wedding in Gibraltar

A first look is still a relatively new concept in the wedding industry, and many couples don’t know whether they want it or not. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of four reasons why you should consider a first look for your wedding in Gibraltar.

But first, what exactly is a first look?

A first look is a moment when couples see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. It gives couples time to themselves, allowing them to share an intimate moment alone.

Benefits of a first look

1. It gets rid of pre-wedding nerves

Since marriage is a lifetime commitment, it’s normal to feel nervous and anxious on your wedding day. And, having all eyes on you from your friends, family, and guests can be intimidating. A first look allows you and your partner to embrace the moment, easing any stress and nerves before the actual ceremony.

2. You get to take great photos

Before your wedding ceremony, your dress isn’t wrinkled, your make-up is fresh, you aren’t tired, and your suit is crisp. This makes for the perfect time to take pictures and make memories. You won’t have to rush through the photography session and can take amazing portraits for your home.

3. You’ll create real, emotional moments

At weddings, people expect emotional reactions such as sobbing and crying. Unfortunately, genuine emotions don’t shine through easily when everyone anticipates them.

That’s why first looks make for truly emotional moments because they’re private and allow couples to experience the moment together without the pressure of everyone else watching.

4. You’ll enjoy the ceremony more

A first look gives you and your partner time to take it all in. Whether it’s the picturesque setting or the warm climate in Gibraltar, you’re able to breathe in and out and embrace the day ahead.

Besides, if you take more pictures during your first look, you’ll spend less time worrying about photos during the wedding and more time mingling with guests.

If you need help getting married in Gibraltar, don’t hesitate to call Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today. We’re experts at planning beautiful weddings you’ll live to remember.