Why the history of Gibraltar makes it a great place for a honeymoon

Why the history of Gibraltar makes it a great place for a honeymoon

Although Gibraltar is these days well-known as a British Overseas Territory, it has an awe-inspiring history comprising far more than just its permanent association with Britishness that started in 1713, when Gibraltar was ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht.


Just this year, you might have watched historian Bettany Hughes exploring Gibraltar in her Channel 4 series Treasures of the World, perusing fascinating historical sites which you, too, could enjoy a good look at after getting married in Gibraltar


You can see the Moorish Castle 


In fact, you can literally see it from any point in Gibraltar, as the Tower of Homage is a dominant feature of this castle originally built in the 8th century by the Marinid dynasty.


Other remnants of the castle still standing today include a range of terraces and battlements as well as the huge Gate House, which is notable for its cupola roof.


St Michael’s Cave is just waiting to be explored 


Imagine, after getting married in Gibraltar, taking your new spouse with you to St Michael’s Cave, a huge network of limestone caves located in Gibraltar’s Upper Rock Nature Reserve.


The caves developed naturally as a result of rainwater slowly penetrating the limestone rock and dissolving much of it. The largest of the cave’s chambers has been converted as an auditorium; you and your partner might even be able to catch a live show here!


The Great Siege Tunnels provide an insight into 18th-century history 


That’s because British merchant marines dug these tunnels from solid limestone in the Rock of Gibraltar during the Great Siege of Gibraltar. 


The Great Siege lasted from 1779 to 1783, with France and Spain endeavouring to capture Gibraltar. The British forces were able to use the tunnels to target cannons at French and Spanish forces — and the siege was eventually foiled.


You and your partner can easily soak up a lot of Gibraltar history 


You probably already have a good idea of what your Gibraltar wedding photos could look like, with the Tower of Homage exerting a striking presence in the background.


However, even after you have exchanged vows with your significant other in Gibraltar, the two of you could easily hang around on “Gib” — as the area is sometimes dubbed — for the honeymoon. This would provide you with plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Gibraltar’s heritage.


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