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Why should you have your Gibraltar wedding in autumn?

Gibraltar is an overseas British territory based in the Iberian Peninsula, not far from Portugal and Spain. As such, it has become a well-visited destination for people in Europe wanting a warm holiday, with many people now choosing to have destination weddings there. When planning a Gibraltar wedding, it is important to work out which season is best for you, depending on your individual needs. Listed below are several reasons why you should choose to have your Gibraltar wedding in autumn.

The weather and humidity

Due to its position on the globe, Gibraltar can be very warm and humid in summer, with temperatures rising steadily between June and August. This can be too hot for some people, especially with all the stress of wedding planning, so autumn is a perfect time to hold a wedding in Gibraltar. The temperature in Gibraltar between September and November is milder, yet not so mild as to feel cold, giving a good happy medium. It’s also less humid at this time of year, which may prevent any wardrobe or hair malfunctions from occurring due to the humidity.

A less busy time

The vast majority of tourists typically come to Gibraltar in the summer months. Whilst people do visit all year round, the autumn months should be quieter, meaning your destination wedding is less likely to be interrupted by other people. It can be hard to find a wedding venue and enough hotels for your guests during the busy period, but having your wedding in autumn will help to ease this. You may also find that things are cheaper outside of the tourist season, and may be able to find a bargain, as more weddings tend to occur during the summer.

Beautiful surroundings

Gibraltar is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year, however the autumn season can be particularly beautiful, with the leaves turning. If you choose to have your Gibraltar wedding in autumn, you could incorporate some of the colours and surroundings into your wedding, making it look even more gorgeous.

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