Why not spend the run-up to the spring constructing your wedding website?

Why not spend the run-up to the spring constructing your wedding website?

We may, at last, be out of January (we swear that Christmas feels like it was three months ago at this point), but depending on when you may be intending to hold your nuptials, you might still feel slightly blue at the moment… or at least, at a loose end. 

Yes, February is the month of Valentine’s Day – which will always be a seriously important occasion for many of the loved-up couples we are helping to organise weddings in Gibraltar – but otherwise, it may be easy to feel like it’s “just another month”. 

Well, we have one suggestion if you and your sweetheart find yourselves with a bit of spare time ahead of the spring – getting your wedding website sorted! 

Having a go-to online ‘hub’ for all the key details about your wedding isn’t just a trend – it’s also a fine way to keep all your would-be attendees informed about your big day in a run-up period that may be weeks or even months long. 

So, here’s what else you need to know about building your own wedding website. 

Do I really need a wedding website? 

While, of course, there’s nothing mandatory about having a website dedicated to your wedding, many couples are increasingly deciding they would like to have one. 

There was a time when it might have been presumed to be an act of vanity to set up a website for one’s own wedding, but things have changed a lot in that regard. Even if you have sent out physical invitations to guests with a lot of information on them, your would-be attendees are still likely to have some questions – and a wedding website could be the ideal place to answer them. 

That information could encompass such things as the venue, the dress code, and even how to get to the wedding – basically, everything essential that you could get tired of having to repeat to every single prospective guest who asks a question. 

Simply include a URL for a well-sorted wedding website on your physical invites, and you’ll be greatly helping to make your lives, and that of your guests, easier. 

So, how do I build a wedding website? 

You could, of course, choose to spend a decent amount of cash on your wedding website – including a short and memorable domain name – although given that yours will almost certainly be mostly informational in nature, it may not make a great amount of sense to do that. 

After all, as we have recently written about, a lot of us are under serious pressure with our household budgets at the moment, never mind our wedding budgets. 

So, your wedding website might be something quickly constructed using one of the well-known free website builders out there, such as Wix or Weebly – and that’s absolutely fine. 

Finally, what should I include on my wedding website? 

That’s another subject we wrote about on the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings blog not so long ago. Obviously, the main thing is to get all the essential details down – such as the wedding date, time and venue – so that your guests can easily attend and not get lost trying to find the location of your nuptials. 

After that, there’s a lot of scope to provide more in-depth information on such things as the dress code, what the catering will be like, options for travel and accommodation, and so on. And providing contact details for you and your sweetheart is obviously a good idea too, as you can’t guarantee that even a very informative wedding website will have necessarily answered everyone’s questions. 

Then, there are the potential ‘luxury’ inclusions on a wedding website, such as pages or even blog posts detailing personal stories about how the two of you met and fell in love, and how the wedding planning is coming along. But you don’t have to be that confessional on your wedding website if you don’t wish to be – plenty of couples do just stick to the basics. 

Would you like to learn more about our own team’s expertise and experience in organising weddings in Gibraltar here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, and about how we can help make your special day memorable in all the right ways? If so, it really is a case of just getting in touch with us via phone or email today.