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Why not pop into an art gallery or two during your time as a newlywed in Gibraltar?

Are you and your beloved artists or art lovers? If so, and it’s an arty-themed destination wedding that you’re considering, you could be forgiven for thinking only the most obvious cosmopolitan big cities around Europe – think London, Paris, Berlin and others – could possibly offer you enough intriguing galleries to explore when you aren’t in the process of actually getting hitched.

Gibraltar, though, packs plenty of stimulations into its 6.7 square kilometres (2.6 square miles) – and one of them is definitely an abundance of art!

In fact, some of Gibraltar’s most acclaimed art galleries have been around for many years or even decades. So, here are a few of those you may wish to investigate, and perhaps buy one or two mementos from that will enable you to even more fondly remember this special time of your life.

The Cavilla Gallery

At 14 Horse Barrack Court, towards the southern end of Main Street in the old town, can be found one of Gibraltar’s most respected galleries today. The Cavilla Gallery showcases a variety of contemporary painting and sculpture from around the world, with a particular emphasis on Islamic, Indian, Himalayan and South East Asian art.

Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery

For many years, thoughts of setting a national art gallery for Gibraltar had been a mere dream for the territory’s art community.

In June 2015, however, it finally became a reality with the opening of the Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery, befittingly named after an artist who had long been a staunch campaigner for such an institution. Sure enough, some of his works are present in the entrance lobby in this free-to-enter gallery in the historic City Hall in John Mackintosh Square.


Sacarello’s may be principally a coffee shop and restaurant, but it’s also an institution that has become strongly associated with art since 1992, when the venue at 57 Irish Town began to host regular art exhibitions by both local and international artists. It has almost accidentally become a much-loved local art space in its own right, with pieces of the Sacarello Collection on display when there is no visiting exhibition – meaning there is always something to see.

The above are far from the only art galleries and museums that the territory has to offer, as part of what is a staggeringly dynamic art scene for such an apparently unassuming part of the world.

Art is certainly frequently central to the tailor made weddings in Gibraltar that we have long had the honour of organising for a wide variety of couples here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings – so don’t overlook this fascinating aspect of the territory if you’re contemplating tying the knot yourself here!