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Why Gibraltar’s fascinating history can make an awesome backdrop for your wedding

The rather paradoxical feel of Gibraltar, combining much of the UK’s legal structure with the climate and mood of Spain, owes much to its extraordinary history. British forces captured Gibraltar from Spain in 1704 and it has remained British territory for centuries.

However, many especially fascinating remnants of the area’s past actually predate the British acquisition. Here’s an insight into why it all helps to make Gibraltar a wonderfully befitting place for your nuptials.

Between the Rock and a heart place

The monolithic limestone promontory known as the Rock of Gibraltar – or more colloquially, just “the Rock” – towers over the landscape and is instantly recognisable for miles around. Capturing it in the background of your wedding photos would be pretty amazing.

The Romans knew this iconic geological feature as Mons Calpe, one of the two Pillars of Hercules – the other lying on the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar. The Roman mythological hero Hercules is said to have used his superhuman strength to smash through a mountain instead of climbing it, thereby creating the Strait.

Gibraltar even has its own medieval castle

Another easy-to-spot tourist attraction in Gibraltar is the Moorish Castle. Built in medieval times, this fortification consists of various buildings, gates and walls, but your wedding photographer wouldn’t need to travel far to include you in a shot of the Tower of Homage, which is one of the castle’s most dominant features.

You can be walking in the footsteps of celebrities

Gibraltar arguably rivals the likes of Paris and Gretna Green for the romantic associations it has built up through many couples opting to tie the knot there. Stars including John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Roger Moore and Sean Connery have all got hitched at Gibraltar’s Registry Office – and so can you.

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Yes, that’s right – you could even say “I do” on top of the Rock itself, with the suite’s circular glass walls affording stunning views for you and your beloved.

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