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Why Gibraltar is the perfect sunshine destination for a Catholic wedding

Many couples who want a Catholic wedding choose Gibraltar as the sunshine destination for their nuptials. Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion in Gibraltar and the Rock has a number of Catholic Churches. Gibraltar as the place for a Catholic ceremony makes sense for several reasons.

Gibraltar weddings for Catholic divorcees

Gibraltar is particularly popular for those who have been divorced and are seeking a Mediterranean marriage as they would be unable to have a religious wedding in Spain.

For Catholic expats living in Spain who have been married before, or those seeking to combine a honeymoon in España with a wedding officiated by a Catholic priest, Gibraltar is the ideal place to tie the knot.

Gibraltar has less stringent residency and paperwork requirements than Spain for those seeking a wedding in the sun. Couples only need to present passports and birth certificates and stay in Gibraltar overnight before or after the wedding.

Catholic Churches for a Gibraltar wedding

The Cathedral of St Mary is the most popular choice for a Catholic wedding in Gibraltar. This cathedral on Main Street is a beautiful and historic location. The dusky pink facade of the church with its clock tower and tiled courtyard is a landmark spot right in the centre of Gibraltar.

There are a number of other Catholic parish churches dotted around the Rock. St Bernard’s Church is a pretty place of worship overlooking the Bay of Gibraltar while the grand Gothic structure of Sacred Heart Parish Church can be found in the upper part of the old town. There is also St Joseph’s, St Paul’s and St. Theresa’s Parish churches under the Catholic denomination.

If you are Catholic, a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe is also something of a must and a great location for a few photographs. The Shrine dates back to the period when Gibraltar was under Moorish control and was turned into a Christian place of worship in the 14th century.

Organising a Catholic wedding in Gibraltar

For a Catholic wedding service in Gibraltar, plenty of notice will be needed to secure a booking so planning ahead is advisable. At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can organise a reception venue and everything else you might need, from a photographer to hair and makeup, to flowers. Contact our friendly experienced team today to begin your Gibraltar wedding journey.