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Why Gibraltar beats a big city as a place to get married

Even our team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can understand why, when you’re comparing possible locations for your destination nuptials, a major city like London, Paris or Madrid might seem very tempting. After all, these places are very stimulating, it’s easy to get to them and you’ll have everything immediately to hand… right?

Actually, you might be surprised by how brilliantly Gibraltar compares to those obvious ‘big-city’ destinations in all of these respects, and many more.

So, here are a few examples of why you are unlikely to regret getting married in Gibraltar as an alternative to a wedding in a heaving metropolis.

It’s more charming and less overwhelming

Big-city weddings can so often make a lot more sense on paper than they ever do in reality. Many of the most popular venues in such cities, for instance, are on busy major roads that will have you and your guests struggling to make yourselves heard as you spill out onto the street after the ceremony. And let’s not even talk about the stresses of bustling metro systems and finding somewhere to park…

Gibraltar could scarcely provide a more appealing contrast to this. As a British Overseas Territory with a strong identity of its own, Gibraltar provides all of the amenities that you could need for your wedding. But at the same time, it exudes a calmness and charm that allows you and everyone present to contemplate and celebrate your romance.

You’ll be surprised by how much financial sense it makes

Given its sophisticated and cosmopolitan reputation, one thing you might not have expected to characterise the experience of getting married in Gibraltar, is low cost.

Well, we’re here to pleasantly surprise you! In fact, it’s possible to tie the knot with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings for as little as £210. That means you don’t need to be saving money for your wedding for years and years, unlike the situation if you’re interested in a sought-after venue in one of the aforementioned ‘glamour’ capitals.

There’s no cooler place to formalise your union

All of the hip types get married in a big city, right? No, not necessarily! Just look at the roll-call of those who have tied the knot in Gibraltar down the years; John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sean Connery, Lawrence Harvey, Sarah Churchill… meanwhile, Princess Diana and Roger Moore are among those to have enjoyed their honeymoon in the territory.

In other words, if it’s a ‘rock star’ wedding destination that you desire, there’s no need to shell out serious money for one of the obvious ‘prestige’ venues in a big city. You and your beloved can simply head to tiny great-value Gibraltar – the true hipster’s choice!

So, now that you know just some of the great reasons to be excited about getting married in Gibraltar, why not look into the details of how you can make it possible? It’s as simple a case as browsing our latest available wedding packages today, before contacting us directly to discuss how we can make your Gibraltar wedding perfectly tailored to the preferences and needs of you both.