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Why dried flowers can help your Gibraltar wedding to ‘blossom’

Eager though you might be to “say it with flowers” on your wedding day, you may be indecisive as to what type of flowers you should choose as decor for the special occasion. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for inspiration, as dried flowers are very on-trend for weddings right now.


They can work especially well for weddings in Gibraltar, too – and we should know! Here are some compelling incentives to adopt the dried theme for your wedding taking place at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.  


Dried flowers can go well with practically any wedding theme  


Whether you are lining up a vintage wedding or something more contemporary for your nuptials, dried flowers can be styled in such a way that they won’t look out of place as you say “I do”. 


During the big ceremony, there are also many different places – including on tables and in the bride’s hair – where dried flowers can be arranged and strewn in an artful and aesthetically pleasing fashion.  


Dried flowers won’t wilt in the Gibraltarian sun


Unsurprisingly, in common with southern Spain, Gibraltar often bakes in plentiful sunshine. This can make for a gorgeously exotic overseas wedding, but could be perilous to the floral decor you choose for it. It’s fortunate, then, that this particular danger isn’t posed to dried flowers.


Therefore, you won’t have to fret about remembering to keep them in the shade – and you won’t need to periodically water them, either. Instead, you can just unhesitatingly embrace the enjoyment of your big day with your beloved. 


It’s easy to source dried flowers for a Gibraltar wedding 


While it’s perfectly possible to pick up dried stems at any time of year, when exactly you can get the freshest ones is a more complex subject. In the UK, you would be well-advised to wait until autumn or winter, since that’s when florists will have stock from the spring or summer just gone.


Better still, if you are looking to get wed in Gibraltar, you could just leave us with the task of sourcing all of the decor – including dried flowers – for your special day. We have connections with the best florists who supply flowers, dried or otherwise, for weddings in Gibraltar.


If you are contemplating exchanging wedding vows in this charming British Overseas Territory, you can learn more about our wide range of wedding packages by browsing our website or emailing us through Alternatively, give us a call, on (+350) 54024179 or (+350) 54023965.