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Why choose Gibraltar for a winter wedding?

While summer weddings are still very popular with many couples, winter weddings are also something we are starting to see more of now. This could be for any number of reasons – from only being able to get time off together over winter, for example, to key guests only being free to attend then or simply not wanting to get married when it is too hot. One other wedding trend that is well established now is getting married abroad. Gibraltar is one of the best places you could choose and weddings in Gibraltar will certainly give you a day to remember.

But why should you choose Gibraltar for a winter wedding?

Accommodation is great value

In truth, Gibraltar offers good value in terms of accommodation all-year-round but this is especially true during winter. As the main tourist season is over summer months, it will be less busy out of season. This, in turn, means that you will generally pay less for hotel rooms. Very often, this means you can afford a better hotel than you might during summer.

Ideal temperature

As we already mentioned above, you may choose a winter wedding to avoid the heat when tying the knot. But what if you do not want it freezing cold and snowing either? Gibraltar is the ideal choice here as it is still mild in terms of temperature in the winter months. This means you and your guests can strike the perfect balance between being warm enough but not boiling hot.

Relaxed atmosphere

Although travelling abroad to get married is exciting, you might not want to head somewhere too frantic. As it is generally less crowded during this time of year, Gibraltar is a great choice. The more relaxed atmosphere and less crowded streets are ideal for enjoying a few days of peace before or after your wedding. As the major attractions will be less crowded, it is also the ideal time to enjoy all the island has to offer. You might have to wrap up a little or avoid the rain when on the beaches though!

Let Sweet Gibraltar Weddings plan your big day

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we plan weddings all-year-round for people on the island. Although planning a winter wedding might sound strange in the height of summer, starting now will give you plenty of time before your big day to have everything in place. Get in touch today for more details on our Gibraltar wedding packages.