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Why choose a beach wedding? Here are 6 reasons

Are you thinking about getting married in Gibraltar? Or are you wondering why you should choose a beach wedding in Gibraltar? If you are, then there are so many reasons why a beach wedding is an obvious choice. Below we explore 6 fabulous reasons to get married on the beach in sunny Gibraltar.

The intimate wedding

If you have your heart set on a wedding that will be intimate and romantic, you can’t go wrong with a beach wedding. Invite a few close family members and trusted friends and exchange your vows on a beautiful beach.

It is less formal

There is no getting away from the fact that a beach wedding can be less formal than a church ceremony. Get married in bare feet, while wearing your cute beach dress and shorts for the groom. The atmosphere is relaxed and easygoing.

Doubles up as the honeymoon

When you decide to get married on the beach in Gibraltar, you will already be at your honeymoon destination. This is one of the many reasons why couples choose to get married abroad.

The weather

One of the biggest incentives for getting married on the beach in Gibraltar is, of course, the weather. You’ll enjoy the beautiful sunshine and can go for a dip in the sea once you have said ‘I do’.

Those stunning views

Every bride and groom wants to be surrounded by stunning views on their wedding day. The beach gives you just that and is ideal for your wedding photographs!

The once in a lifetime….

Every wedding should be a special occasion and a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with the person you love in a stunning part of the world. Gibraltar beach weddings really are a once in a lifetime experience.

If you wish to have your wedding in Gibraltar and want to have the ceremony and celebrations on the beach, we can help you. To find out more about the range of services offered by us here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, please do get in touch with us today.