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Why a Mediterranean wedding could make your dreams come true

When you think of destination weddings, it’s very likely you think of somewhere in the Mediterranean – whether it be romantic Italy, cultured France, or archipelagic Greece. But did you know there are many reasons to get married in the Mediterranean besides all of the stunning photos you’ll inevitably take? Here are just a few.


Getting married in the UK is a risky business for many months of the year. This is because the weather is extremely unpredictable and low temperatures, rain, or wind could strike at any moment. The only reliable months of the year – June, July, and August – then become competitive for betrothed couples everywhere, meaning you’ll have to fight tooth and nail for your preferred day.

In the Mediterranean, this is not an issue. For instance, weddings in Gibraltar are a safe choice as, even in the colder months of the year, you’re still hitting a minimum of around 11 degrees usually – with temperatures reaching as high as 27!


Nobody can deny that Mediterranean food is an absolute treat compared to the home comforts of British cooking. Make your wedding a day to remember by yourself, your newly-wedded partner, and your guests with some unforgettable food. Popular choices include spanakopita, baba ganoush, paella, and tzatziki – with favourites that have made their way over to the UK, such as hummus and falafel, being on the menu too.


If you want your wedding day to be talked about by all the guests there for days to come afterwards, you need one of two things: drama, or the wow-factor. Since nobody wants drama at their wedding (the stress of planning a wedding is enough, after all!) you need to truly amaze your guests. And there’s no better to do so than somewhere in the Mediterranean, where beautiful scenery is bountiful and the culture is multi-faceted and steeped in interesting history.

Turn it into a honeymoon

Many popular hotels around the Mediterranean offer package deals to combine a wedding and honeymoon for the couple. This is a smart way to cut down on expenses and prolong your stay in the very location you got married! If you’re looking for a wedding planning company to make all your dreams come true, look no further than Sweet Gibraltar Weddings – we’re based in Gibraltar but can organise weddings all around the world, to make sure your wedding is out of this world.