Which is better for your wedding invitations: paper or digital?

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Which is better for your wedding invitations: paper or digital?

Even once you’ve settled on getting married in Gibraltar, your work will be far from done when it comes to organising your special day. One key thing, for example, will be letting your nearest and dearest know when and where your wedding will actually be happening! 

But of course, we’re in the 2020s, which means it’s no longer automatically a given that you’ll be having your invite information printed on paper or card that is then sent to people’s homes. Indeed, you might be very tempted to send your wedding invitations online, in digital form. 

So, what are the respective pluses and minuses of sending your invites over the web or via the mail? Might you be best off keeping it traditional, or taking an unashamedly modern approach? 


The benefits of traditional wedding invites 

For every person who might think traditional paper or card invitations are a bit ‘old hat’, there’s at least one other person who loves their tactility and sense of occasion. 

After all, it seems that we all spend more time looking at computer screens these days than we ever did before. Having a physical wedding invitation plop through every potential guest’s door therefore helps to drum up hype and anticipation for the big event. 

Traditional, physical wedding invites are the tried-and-tested approach that invitees of all ages can easily understand and appreciate. Plus, with there being so many stunning designs and fonts that can be used for paper or card invites, they can be gorgeous keepsakes in their own right. 


The benefits of online wedding invites 

An obvious drawback of sending out your wedding invitations via email is that they can often come with the typical connotations of an email, rather than a letter. If something comes in a physical envelope, so the widespread perception goes, it tends to be something important. Emails are often seen as a more casual and less weighty mode of communication. 

It’s also probably true, though, that this particular disadvantage of online invites is diminishing over time. We’re getting used these days to even the most crucial communications in our lives – everything from utility bills to banking alerts – taking a digital form. 

Inviting people to your wedding via the web also scores highly for speed, cost-effectiveness and convenience. You won’t need to pay for the paper or card, or to have your crucial wedding details printed on that paper or card, or even for postage. It can also be easier to track RSVPs if you use a digital, rather than physical invitation method.  

Don’t forget, though, that it’s also possible to combine the best of both physical and digital in your wedding invites. You might, for example, like the idea of sending out printed card invites that also include a URL directing invitees to a basic website with more in-depth information about the big day, venue and other arrangements. 

Understandably, getting married in Gibraltar is a thrilling enough prospect that you might almost be in danger of overlooking the importance of getting your wedding invitations just right. So hopefully, this blog article has highlighted some of the major factors you’ll need to think about, while giving you inspiration and ideas. 

Are you ready to get on with the serious planning of your nuptials in dreamy, sun-drenched Gibraltar? If so, don’t wait any longer to enquire to our skilled and experienced wedding planners.