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When is the best time of year to tie the knot in Gibraltar?

Picking the ideal date for you and your beloved to formalise your union can be a very complicated business. You have to consider the mundane practical things, like the local weather and how affordable venues will be. But there’s also a good chance of more sentimental factors coming into play – for example, is there a certain time of year that is romantically significant to the two of you?

Destination weddings, like those in Gibraltar, can unfortunately make this task even trickier, especially if there are certain things about your intended location that you just don’t know much about. So, our Gibraltar wedding specialists have helpfully summed up what it might mean to get married in the British Overseas Territory during each of the four seasons.


Getting married in Gibraltar at this time of year makes sense for similar reasons to those for enjoying a spring holiday in this part of the world. The milder climate makes for gorgeously sunny-looking wedding photography and video, but without the conditions being as utterly sweltering as they can sometimes be in the summer. So, if you’re worried that it might be a little too hot during your warm-weather wedding in Gibraltar, this might be the optimum season to target. John Lennon and Yoko Ono certainly seem to have thought so, as they married here in March 1969.


A summer wedding is the one that so many couples dream of, and that our Gibraltar wedding specialists are seasoned in making a reality for lovers just like you and your beloved. Fabulous conditions are practically guaranteed, with average high temperatures hovering at around 28 to 29 degrees C (82 to 83 degrees F) in July and August. You do, however, have to be mindful of the higher number of tourists and pricier flights at this time of year as well.


The reasons we outlined for spring being such a great season to formalise your union in Gibraltar, apply very much to the autumn as well – except, of course, that temperatures will gradually decline over the course of the month, rather than rise. It’s another time of year that strikes a nice balance between almost-certainly-pleasant weather and the British Overseas Territory being a slightly quieter and more tranquil place to be. It should be no great surprise, then, that our Gibraltar wedding specialists receive so many enquiries about packages for this time of year.


Now, if you’re wondering at this point how cold and ‘wintry’ Gibraltar actually gets, the answer is… not very. In fact, even during December and January, temperatures on the territory only drop as low as about 14 degrees C (57 degrees F), so if you’re looking for a ‘winter wonderland’ snow-strewn part of the world in which to marry, Gibraltar’s unlikely to be the place for you! Instead, you’ll find it to be a very peaceful place, characterised by mild conditions – precisely the conditions in which many of you might fancy tying the knot.

Whatever season you favour for your Gibraltar nuptials, you’ll want to get every last detail ‘just right’ – so why choose to partner with any other wedding experts? Get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today, and we’ll help to take so much hassle out of the process of organising your dream wedding in this desirable corner of Europe.