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Why to Choose Gibraltar to Get Married?

What’s been happening….

A very warm welcome to our weekly blog. We apologise for the slight delay this week but we’ve had an incredible week for weddings and couples coming to Gibraltar to get married. In less than 22 hours, we celebrated about 10 weddings.

This week, our shout out goes to Scott Merrill and his lovely bride who flew all the way out from Masachussetes, USA, to get married on our beautiful rock. It never ceases to surprise us how love makes people travel far and wide in search of their happy ending. It is truly heart warming to see and be a witness to.

In our last blog, we mentioned the Gibraltar Music Festival. It’s something held every year around the same time and is an enormous success; attracting about 20,000 people every year with some of the current top names in the world of music. This year the headlining band was the Stereophonics. If you’re thinking of getting married in Gibraltar next year, and you love music, perhaps you might consider coinciding your wedding with our Music Festival so you can assist your favourite bands and singers in a more intimate setting.

As for the rest of it, we are still experiencing a heatwave, which looks set to last for a while longer. This means all weddings held this month and the next can almost have guaranteed good weather. It’s certainly going to be better weather than most northern European countries where the cool weather is beginning to be felt.

We’re going to leave you this week with a few words from John Lennon on why he chose to get married in Gibraltar.

“We chose Gibraltar because it is quiet, British and friendly.”

What reasons more do you need to be convinced to get married here?

If you need any help or have any questions, please just ask. We’re here for you.