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What to serve for an authentic Gibraltarian wedding menu

The beautiful island of Gibraltar is a top destination for weddings. This particular area of the world is renowned for its delicious fusion cuisine, inspired by the surrounding nations and the UK. Here are some popular Gibraltarian dishes that you should serve on your big day.


The unofficial national dish of the island, Calentita literally translates to ‘warm one’. It was believed to have been brought to the island by Genoese immigrants in the 16th century, bearing a similar resemblance to Italian pizza. The dish is made using only chickpea flour, so it’s a great option for any wedding guests who are gluten-free.

Torta de Acelgas

Traditionally eaten around Easter and Christmas, this vegetarian flaky pastry pie is made using spinach and swiss chard. Similar in profile to the French quiche, the dish is made with edam and cheddar cheese, marjoram, garlic, nutmeg and olive oil, making use of local and familiar ingredients. This is perfect to serve in slices or as smaller tortas for appetizers before the main meal.


The cousin of the doughnut, this sweet treat uses the same basic dough as its American cousin. No Gibraltar wedding is complete without rosquitos, which are soaked in a simple syrup and aniseed liqueur and are dried out until crystalized to create a delicious sweet snack. A great choice for the end of any wedding meal.


Weddings in Gibraltar that are expecting plenty of guests will thrive with Rosto, an Italian inspired pasta dish that’s meant for feeding a crowd. Generally made with penne pasta, vegetables, mushrooms and either beef or chicken, this simple dish is hugely popular on the island. There are many variations of the dish, so you can truly make it your own.


Literally translating to ‘thousand sheets’, this Spanish influenced dessert is popular across the world, but especially in Gibraltar. The dessert is made by stacking sheets of puff pastry filled with dulce de leche or white chocolate and would for a deliciously creamy dessert to round out your menu.

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