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What to keep in mind for an outdoor wedding

Every couple has a different idea of the perfect wedding: some have a particular architectural marvel in mind, while others long for nuptials close to nature. If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding, Gibraltar has many natural wonders to offer, though there are some different considerations to be made regarding practicalities for weddings in these locations.

Dress for the occasion

If you expose yourself to the elements, you must respect them. Whether down by the coast or on the Rock of Gibraltar, you may have to compromise between your preferred wedding dress style and something more suitable for the weather (though the wind will definitely add a lot of dramatic movement to your dress!).

Meanwhile, heels will be useless over uneven surfaces or sand as well as being hard to walk long distances in, so you could either bring flats as a backup or go barefoot (if it’s safe enough for you to do so). Wedding party attire should be chosen with similar caveats in mind, and it’s best practice to inform the guests as well to prevent any wardrobe issues.

Venue accessibility

Outdoor weddings are beautiful and atmospheric, but also pose issues regarding the accessibility of the venue, especially if you have older or differently-abled people in attendance. Beach weddings can be a challenge for people using mobility aids, and the same goes for venues higher up (unless there are transport options like lifts).

If you really treasure the presence of your invitees, their access to the venue is something you should prioritise, though it may add to your wedding costs or require you to diverge from your original plans. If the ceremony is being held in an unconventional location without easy paths leading to it, you should either make it a point to mention this in the invites so that guests can prepare accordingly or find an alternative location.

Explore potential wedding venues in Gibraltar

Wedding planning is always mind-numbingly difficult, but considerations like these are worth making for the sake of the comfort of everyone present on the big day itself. Gibraltar has numerous picturesque locations peppered along the coast, located in lush greenery and even atop the monumental Rock of Gibraltar. Sweet Gibraltar Weddings offers a range of wedding package options ( that can be tailor-made to you. Our team is at your service for all plans and enquiries.