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What to do when planning a destination wedding

Are you planning a destination wedding? If so, there are a couple of must-dos and must-haves that guarantee a smooth and successful destination wedding. Failure to abide by these can make your planning process a nightmare, affecting your overall wedding outcome. Below, we’ve compiled what to do to ensure your destination wedding is a success.

1. Hire a local wedding planner

It can be tempting to hire that wedding planner who lives next door to you or is a family friend or co-worker. Unfortunately, there’s a high chance that they don’t know the location of your destination wedding well. This means sourcing local vendors and finding the best venues and activities for your wedding will be a significant challenge.

You’re better off hiring a local wedding planner as they’re familiar with the local “scoop.” For example, if you’re getting married in Gibraltar, hire a wedding planner based in Gibraltar. They can efficiently plan your wedding without having to travel back and forth.

2. Ship items ahead

If you plan to bring many items or décor with you, especially fragile items, make sure to ship them to the destination at least 2 to 3 weeks ahead. This ensures they get to the destination on-time while allowing for inspection of damaged or broken goods.

3. Give everyone a heads up

The last thing you want is having to pay for your guests’ accommodation, food and other activities only for them not to show up. Therefore, ensure everyone on your invitation list can make it to your destination wedding on the D-day so that you’re only footing bills for people that will be present.

Besides, informing everyone in advance gives them ample time to plan their travel itineraries and book flights in advance to get the best deals.

4. Factor in extra expenses

When done right, a destination wedding can be affordable and cost even less than your set budget. However, it’s always wise to budget for more to cover any extra expenses that might arise. Remember, emergencies do happen, so it’s wise to factor in extra expenses when creating your wedding budget.

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