What to bear in mind when planning a same-sex destination wedding in Gibraltar

What to bear in mind when planning a same-sex destination wedding in Gibraltar

Any type of wedding typically requires a lot of planning, although destination weddings are often especially demanding in this regard. Then, there’s the matter of same-sex weddings. Some of the finer details of wedding planning can be different when one is preparing for LGBTQIA+ nuptials.


So, after following our tips for the proposal, and turning your partner into your fiancé, it’s time to start seriously organising your wedding. Below, then, we’ve put together a useful guide for any gay, lesbian or non-conforming couple getting married in Gibraltar.


Don’t assume gender roles


Just because you are getting married does not necessarily mean only one person gets an engagement ring. It also doesn’t mean that one person has to wear a tuxedo, and the other a wedding dress. 


People of all genders can wear whatever they like, so you should choose something that you will feel especially comfortable in, and proud to wear. For same-sex couples getting married in Gibraltar, this might mean two dresses, two suits, or doing away with traditional wedding clothing altogether. 


In the same way, why not ditch the idea of a stag do and a hen night, and throw one big wedding party that isn’t segregated by gender? 


Make sure your venue is LGBTQIA+ friendly


Since the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the British Overseas Territory in 2016, getting married in Gibraltar has become increasingly popular among gay and lesbian couples. 


In addition to the sun, sea and sand, Gibraltar boasts strong anti-discrimination laws. This means that if you are getting married in Gibraltar, you can be reassured that your venue will most likely be LGBTQIA+ friendly. And if it isn’t, there are protections in place to correct that situation. 


Incorporate your beliefs 


Religion can be a tough thing to deal with for same-sex couples. However, you shouldn’t feel that you have to put your culture or religion to one side when you get married, as you can still incorporate your beliefs into the ceremony. 


There are many clergy across all religions who would be more than willing to officiate your wedding, so it’s important to do your research early if this is a priority for your nuptials. 


Adapt the wedding to your wishes 


Modern weddings are typically a mix of many traditions from across the years, which have evolved and grown into what we know today. However, some of these traditions can feel somewhat uncomfortable for certain couples, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. 


By choosing a destination wedding, and getting married in Gibraltar, you have the freedom to adapt your wedding however you like, making it as traditional or as unique as you wish. 


Celebrate your love 


When it all comes down to it, your wedding is a celebration of your love, so it should reflect your personalities as individuals and as a couple. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to plan it all on your own.


To begin your journey of planning your dream wedding day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today, whether via phone or email.