What should a bride wear for a beach wedding abroad?

What should a bride wear for a beach wedding abroad?

So, you’ve got your heart set on getting married in the sun, by the beautiful sea, with panoramic views of natural beauty and majestic coastlines. We think saying your vows by the beach makes for the perfect fairytale wedding. But what exactly does a bride wear to a beach wedding away from home?

If you will be getting married in Gibraltar, your idea of a wedding dress may be completely different to what you would have in mind for a traditional wedding in the UK.

As experts in helping engaged couples who dream of getting married in Gibraltar to plan the most important day of their lives, we know a thing or two about what brides should wear for their beach wedding.


A bride’s guide to beach wedding dress length


Walking down the aisle in style is guaranteed when you are a bride at a beach wedding – but for walking in the sand, dress length and footwear are important. If your ceremony is taking place on the sand, a shorter gown ankle-length dress is a fantastic option. 

The dress length you opt for can depend on the look you want to go for – do you want to go formal with a flowing dress, or would you prefer to look just as charming in a shorter, mid-length dress? Shorter dresses are also very low maintenance, and allow you to show more of the beach tan you’ve earned from unwinding in the sun leading up to your big day.


Best dress fabric for beach brides

Let’s face it, by choosing to have an enchanted wedding abroad, you’ve got to anticipate warm weather and potentially high temperatures. If you’re getting married in Gibraltar or anywhere with a warm climate, you will want to wear attire that doesn’t make you too warm or uncomfortable, even if you’re going to be standing outdoors, accompanied by the ocean breeze.

Of the fabrics that brides tend to wear for beach ceremonies, tulle, chiffon, jersey cotton and organza are the most popular fabrics for saying “I do” in the scorching sunshine. These materials are lightweight, and therefore feel amazing in the heat and are perfect for travelling with. Moreover, they are relatively straightforward to steam once you unpack at your beach hotel or retreat. 


Beach wedding hair accessories


Once you have your dream wedding dress attire laid out, it’s time to consider what goes on top – and no, we’re not talking about sun hats to protect you from the sun. 

We think a long veil goes a long way when it comes to having your wedding photos taken against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring coast that lurks peacefully behind you.


Beach footwear for brides


You can decide to wear barefoot sandals to your beach ceremony if you want to make a statement and completely capture the true beach vibe. Sparkly sandals that complement your wedding jewellery or accessories are a brilliant choice. 

Have the above tips got you inspired for your Gibraltar nuptials? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today, so that you can start planning, with an emphasis on getting married in Gibraltar in the utmost style.