What questions should you be asking potential wedding videographers?

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What questions should you be asking potential wedding videographers?

As we have explained previously here on the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings blog, there can be a lot of great reasons to hire a dedicated videographer for your destination nuptials, instead of simply depending on a photographer, and your guests recording video footage on their smartphones. 

So, we won’t go over those details again here. Instead, we will delve into some of the questions you ought to ask possible videographers for your Gibraltar wedding, before you book their services. 

Here are a few examples of such questions that couples planning their weddings in Gibraltar should be sure to ask, to help ensure they make the best possible choice of videographer. 

Will you be available on my wedding date? 

This seems too obvious to mention, right? But in truth, the most sought-after videographers can get booked up very far in advance – up to 12 months or more in advance of the date, particularly for the most popular dates. So, this is the very first question we would urge you to ask. 

What is your experience and background in filming weddings? 

As part of this question, you should be trying to tease out details about how long the videographer has been filming weddings for, as well as how many weddings they film in a typical year. 

What we’re trying to get at here, is that you should be absolutely confident in the capabilities of your chosen wedding videographer, as well as their experience. 

After all, a more experienced videographer will also probably be one who knows how to respond to those unforeseen and unpredictable events on the day itself, and who will likely produce the most professional and captivating footage.

We aren’t necessarily saying that you shouldn’t go with that ‘friend of a friend’ who does wedding videography on a part-time hobbyist basis, and who has a lot of talent. 

But with the footage from your wedding being footage that you will want to be able to view with pleasure for many years and even decades to come, you could be taking a risk you end up regretting, if you go for a videographer who is anything less than the most formidable professional. 

What is your videography style? 

Yes, that’s right – wedding videography isn’t just a case of knowing to point the camera in vaguely the right directions on the ‘big day’! There’s an artistry to it, too – and professional videographers greatly differ in the styles of their work. 

So, those different styles are something you should be researching in advance, to help ensure your wedding videography suits what you and your beloved desire. 

Whether you like the idea of quite traditional-looking videography, or something more cinematic or even documentary-style… these are vital things to talk to potential videographers about, as well as – of course – your sweetheart. 

What will be included in the package we purchase from you? 

We’re sure you won’t need our team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to remind you of the importance of being diligent about your budgeting in these financially pressured times for us all (or most of us, anyway). 

So, be sure to ask the questions you need to ask, in order to determine exactly what you will be getting in return for your expenditure. What will be the final product in terms of length and image quality, and for how many hours will the videographer be present at your wedding? Will they have an assistant to help them? And how will that final product be delivered to you? 

Get all of these details in writing – covering everything you want – before you commit to a contract with a given wedding videographer. 

What is the cancellation or refund policy? 

We don’t want any of the couples who plan weddings in Gibraltar with our help to have to cancel or postpone their nuptials. But of course, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, the chances of being forced to do exactly that are never zero, even when the best preparations are in place. 

So, don’t forget to ask about the cancellation policy, and to have the specific conditions set out in the contract. Also make sure you have a wedding insurance policy to guard against the potential financial consequences of any unexpected events. 

Alas, wedding insurers offering coverage right now might not be willing to protect you in relation to any pandemic-related circumstances. But they may still be willing to provide coverage for other common risks, such as the wedding or reception venue going bust or cancelling on you. 

There you go – just a few questions that we would recommend you ask potential videographers, to help make sure you are left with no regrets about this aspect of your wedding. And don’t forget that here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can help arrange a videographer as an optional service if you do decide to partner with us on the planning of your special day. Just get in touch to find out more