What duties does your best man need to know about ahead of your wedding?


What duties does your best man need to know about ahead of your wedding?

While it’s unquestionably a great honour to be picked to be someone’s best man at their wedding, the prospect can also be nerve-wracking, especially for those who have never been in this role before. 


So, if you are planning on getting married in Gibraltar and want to give your best man the best possible advice, here’s a quick guide to some of the all-important best-man duties. 


  • Getting to know all the ushers and groomsmen


Getting to know the groom’s ushers and groomsmen is one of the most important first steps of becoming a best man. Over the course of the wedding preparations and celebrations, the best man will be seeing these gentlemen a lot, and will ultimately be responsible for making sure they are in the right place at the right time. 


Our top tip for a best man: make a group chat on WhatsApp or Facebook, so that you can all easily contact each other. 


  • Assisting with picking out the perfect suits 


Potentially the most vital of the tasks a best man will assist the ushers, groomsmen, and groom with is picking out the ideal suits for the big day. 


The best man will need to help round up the important members of the wedding party to go and try on suits and attend any fittings, no matter how last-minute these occasions might be. 


  • Getting acquainted with the maid of honour 


The maid of honour is in the same position as the best man, assisting their best friend on the most important day of their life. Therefore, a best man can lean on the maid of honour for support and advice through this time. 


  • Helping with any planning admin the groom might need


When getting married in Gibraltar, there can be a fair amount of planning admin that needs to be done, such as booking flights and airport transfers. The best man should therefore try to assist with any of this admin work that the groom might require. 


  • The day before the wedding, also helping with any physical set-up 


Has everyone brought their own suits to Gibraltar or has the wedding party decided to have them delivered together? The best man can help the happy couple getting married in Gibraltar by picking up any items and taking them to wherever they need to go.


  • Planning a stag do that no one will ever forget 


This is probably the moment that the best man will have most dreamed of – planning the stag do! It is the best man’s responsibility to plan the best stag do for their best friend that everyone will remember fondly forever. 


Another top tip for any best men reading: if the groom is getting married in Gibraltar, why not plan the stag do in nearby Spain or Portugal?


  • Writing the best man’s speech 


The best man’s speech is a genre all of itself. The best man attempting to write the most captivating speech should start with introductions, followed by amusing stories, and end with a rousing toast to the bride and groom. They should then practise reading it aloud as much as they can, so that they feel comfortable delivering it on the big day. 


For further expert advice and assistance, why not contact the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today?  In addition to directly helping couples getting married in Gibraltar, we can support every member of the wedding party throughout the special day, helping to ensure it is truly a day to remember for the right reasons.