What does it mean these days for a couple to ‘elope’?

What does it mean these days for a couple to ‘elope’?

The term “elopement” has connotations of running away secretly in order to tie the knot – and indeed, that is still its technical definition. 


Having said that, it’s more accurate nowadays to suggest that “eloping” is simply about a couple travelling somewhere to legally get married, without telling many or any of the people they know. In other words, there’s a bit more nuance to the concept of elopement in the 21st century. 


Actually eloping these days is unfortunately not quite as spontaneous as it might look in the movies. However, it can also undoubtedly be an exceedingly sweet and intimate way to get married, as long as you know what it entails and prepare accordingly. 


The COVID-19 era is making elopement even more attractive 


During this year when we’ve often barely known whether we’re coming or going as far as the latest coronavirus restrictions are concerned, it’s easy to understand why a lot of couples have been considering elopement as an alternative to the traditional ‘big bash’ nuptials. 


With the ongoing pandemic leading to limitations to wedding guest lists, you might decide that you like the idea of elopement – with just a few other people present – for getting your legal marriage out of the way. 


This could allow you to save your money for a much more extravagant celebration later, once the loosening of restrictions enables you to hold such an event in the company of all of your nearest and dearest. 


If eloping is right for you, we’ll help to make it possible 


With the British Overseas Territory being such an intimate place to tie the knot anyway, you won’t be surprised to hear that our Gibraltar weddings team has received a lot of enquiries lately from couples interested in eloping on the sunny Mediterranean backdrop this part of the world offers. 


But of course, it’s also important to carefully consider whether eloping would be right for you and your beloved. 


It certainly can be an exceedingly attractive option for a lot of people, such as those who wish to save money, avoid a lot of the family politics associated with larger-scale weddings, or simply enjoy a much lower-key celebration. 


But on the other hand, if you do want to have loads of guests and be the centre of attention on your big day, eloping doesn’t make so much sense. It’s therefore vital to come up with a list in advance of the things you desire from your special day, so that you and your sweetheart can decide together whether elopement would be a good match to this.


Having planned more than three thousand Gibraltar weddings since 2008, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’re excellently placed to take the stress and hassle out of your elopement (or at least, all of the avoidable stress and hassle!) and assist you in getting every detail just right.


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