What could make artificial flowers such a good choice for your Gibraltar wedding?

artificial wedding flowers

What could make artificial flowers such a good choice for your Gibraltar wedding?

Before we go any further with this subject, we should probably make one thing clear: there’s nothing at all wrong with insisting on real flowers for your nuptials! 

Indeed, even the packages we provide for Gibraltar weddings here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can include a bridal bouquet consisting of fresh roses with green foliage – just one of the many touches that help make our wedding packages so popular among a wide range of couples. 

But even if you do ultimately decide that you want your bridal bouquet to incorporate real rather than artificial flowers, it is hardly as if the bouquet is likely to represent the start and end of your wedding flower arrangements. 

This is where artificial flowers may come into play for such things as your centrepieces, the flower arch, buttonholes, wedding favours, or even for use in your hair. 

What are the big advantages of artificial flowers? 

It’s important to emphasise here that there’s no universal ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when choosing whether to go with real or artificial flowers for your wedding. And of course, they have their respective advantages and disadvantages. 

For many brides, fresh flowers are something they’re pleased to absolutely insist upon, as it’s hard to deny their natural beauty and irresistible scent. 

But artificial flowers can offer their own very real benefits. And it’s crucial not to fall for long-out-of-date stereotypes about the ‘tacky’ artificial flowers of yesteryear, when the best artificial flowers of today are beautifully convincing in look and feel, in addition to representing great quality and value. 

So, with no further ado, let’s cycle through some of the key advantages of artificial flowers for Gibraltar weddings (or indeed, nuptials held basically anywhere): 

  • They can be an excellent choice for those with allergies 
  • They can be more affordable than real flowers, while often looking equally good  
  • You can keep artificial flowers forever – certainly long after the wedding celebrations are over
  • Good-quality artificial flowers today can be so convincing that your wedding attendees might not even realise you aren’t using fresh flowers 
  • Artificial flowers also travel well, which is another reason why a lot of people planning Gibraltar weddings and other overseas nuptials particularly consider them 

So, what options are there for artificial flowers? 

Another reason why it’s such a bad idea to base your perception of artificial flowers on the often less-than-well-made options of years ago, is because there is such a wealth of excellent-quality possibilities for artificial flowers on the market these days. 

Those include the likes of:  

  • ‘Silk’ flowers, which now tend to be made from nylon or polyester fabrics, rather than actual silk. Nonetheless, there’s practically no limit to the colours, sizes and shapes you can choose for such flowers, and they visually look very close to the ‘real thing’ 
  • Foam flowers, which – although they’re the cheapest type of artificial flower – unfortunately aren’t very realistic in appearance. They’re therefore best suited to use as fillers in a much larger bouquet 
  • Paper flowers. These artificial flowers have the obvious downside of not exactly being ones you will want to risk getting wet if there’s a chance of rain at your nuptials. But with rain not exactly being a huge problem in Gibraltar – especially at the height of summer – you might be attracted to these artificial flowers as an environmentally friendly option
  • Latex flowers, which are particularly convincing due to how they feel when someone touches them; there’s a good reason why they are known as ‘real touch’ flowers. Latex flowers are also available in different thicknesses, which will further help you to create a realistic look and feel, wherever you may choose to use them on your wedding day 

Any questions about your wedding planning? You know who to call 

There you go – a quick guide to why and how artificial flowers could play a part in your own wedding. While you might still choose to use real flowers to at least some extent – including in your bouquet – their artificial counterparts certainly present some interesting possibilities. 


Speaking of possibilities, why not contact the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today about how we can help make your own nuptials in the British Overseas Territory just right? Our experts in Gibraltar weddings are available via email or phone if you would like to have a chat to us.