What coronavirus-era wedding trends are likely to outlast the pandemic?

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What coronavirus-era wedding trends are likely to outlast the pandemic?

Before we go any further, yes, we know what you’re probably thinking: do we really have to keep anything from such a rotten period as the COVID-19 crisis? 


We can certainly understand that mindset. Indeed, we hope ourselves that the restrictions we’ve all had to become accustomed to over the past year or so – ranging from enforced high-street business closures to social distancing and the wearing of face coverings – will soon be a thing of the past. 


There’s also a saying, though, that necessity is the mother of invention, and this is certainly something one can say about the impact the coronavirus situation has had on weddings – including weddings in Gibraltar and similar overseas destinations. 


The fact is that the limitations and struggles of the pandemic have taught us a lot – about what’s possible and how creative we can be, but also about what we truly do and don’t desire from a wedding. So, let’s have a look at some of those coronavirus-era wedding trends we might well be tempted to keep, long after the worst of this era has (hopefully) gone. 


Not adding just anyone and everyone to your guest list 


It’s one of the perennial issues that couples organising their big day have had; “do we really have to invite that person?” You know the ones we’re referring to; that colleague from the office who you fear will kick up a big fuss if you don’t send them an invite, or that distant relative you feel the need to invite, simply because they invited you to their nuptials. 


The COVID-19 crisis – with the necessary limitations it has placed on wedding guest lists – has at least enabled many couples to cut out those mere ‘obligation’ invitations, without feeling guilty about it. We’d suggest that you try to keep such a lack of guilt about being mindful with your guest list, even if your wedding will be taking place long after strict restrictions on numbers are lifted. 


The live-streaming of weddings 


It feels like the kind of thing that should have been a fixture of weddings years before the pandemic – and yet, it’s only COVID-19 that has prompted many venues to finally invest in a big way in live-streaming technology. It’s weird, given that there have always been people invited to weddings who cannot be there in person, for whatever reason. 


Whether it’s the ceremony, reception or the whole thing that you connect to absent invitees using Zoom or similar video-conferencing or streaming tech, we reckon it’s one of the coronavirus trends most worth keeping for weddings in Gibraltar, too. 


Sophisticated treats for absent guests 


While we’re on the subject of those who can’t physically get to a wedding despite being invited, another great way to make those people feel included is to send them significant gifts that represent a ‘slice’ of the wedding. These could be pieces of the wedding cake, for example, or even entire goodie bags containing snacks like those on the wedding menu, and maybe even confetti. 


Yes, this has been a key trend of many COVID-era weddings, and it’s not been restricted purely to physical items. Some couples, for instance, have also sent playlists matching the one set to be played at the actual event. 


It’s all part of extending the atmosphere of such special celebrations well beyond the four walls of the brick-and-mortar venue. And why wouldn’t you wish to continue embracing this spirit after the pandemic? 


The use of professional wedding planners 


Some of you reading this might have thought that with so many couples marrying at short notice during the pandemic as opportunities have opened up, a lot of those couples will have organised their nuptials on a slightly more ‘ad hoc’, DIY basis than they might have otherwise done.


But if anything, the trend has been the opposite: couples looking to tie the knot have realised the value of capable and experienced wedding planners for making their dreams happen. 


That’s because they’re highly conscious of the many things that could go wrong during wedding planning. As a consequence, they appreciate the assistance of people who have the contacts, resources and experience to help ensure everything goes absolutely right with their own coronavirus-era big day. 


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