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What can you expect when marrying in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar may be small in size but it offers so much for couples planning to get married there. If you have not considered this popular island as a wedding location yet, it is certainly worth thinking about. But what can you expect when marrying in Gibraltar?

Awesome weather

Naturally, this will vary depending on what time of year you decide to get married. In general though, Gibraltar has a warm climate that is perfect for your wedding day. Its position close to Africa in Southern Europe means the weather is always hot. Even if you marry in late Autumn or the beginning of Spring, temperatures reach 20 degrees. Of course, in the summer months, it gets even hotter for a truly magical and sun-kissed experience.

Superb venues

Another thing you can count on here is a choice of amazing venues to stay at and hold your wedding celebrations in. This is also great for any guests travelling to celebrate with you as they will have top-class accommodation to enjoy. Gibraltar wedding venues deliver finely dressed rooms, attentive staff and delicious food for your big day.

A great atmosphere

One thing about getting married in Gibraltar that everyone comments on is the warm welcome they get from the locals. This means you will feel right at home here when getting married and have the best time possible. The relaxed atmosphere will not only help the day itself go smoothly but also mean you enjoy any extra time you spend on the island exploring.

Lots to do

It is likely that you and your guests may fancy arriving in Gibraltar a little early or staying on for a few days after the wedding. If you do, you can expect lots of exciting things to see and do here. Gibraltar has many lively bars and restaurants so you will never get bored. There are also lots of interesting things to see on the island from Europa Cave to the Moorish Castle.

Let Sweet Gibraltar Weddings help

If you want to get married in magical Gibraltar, give us a call today or browse our website. We can organise a Gibraltar wedding package for you which will ensure you have the best time possible.