What can you do if you’re having second thoughts about your wedding dress?

What can you do if you’re having second thoughts about your wedding dress?

It’s one of the most hyped-up aspects of any wedding, with many of us feeling considerable pressure to get it right: no, we’re not referring to the venue, or even the guest list, but instead to the wedding dress. So, it’s important not to feel guilty if you do choose a dress for your nuptials in Gibraltar, and later find yourself wondering whether it’s really the right choice for you. 

The good news if that if this describes your situation right now, you will almost certainly have options for reconsidering, modifying, or potentially replacing your chosen wedding dress if necessary. Let’s take you through them. 

Could simply trying the dress on again help? 

Let’s assume your dress has already arrived at your chosen bridal boutique. In that case – and if you’re merely uncertain whether you have made the right choice of wedding dress – it could be a great decision to make an appointment to try the dress on again. Or, if the dress hasn’t yet arrived, the boutique might be able to arrange for you to try the sample on again. 

Trying on your dress again might be all that is required to remind you why you opted for that gown in the first place, reassuring you that you have made the right choice. 

If you’re still concerned, talk to your boutique 

For some brides whose weddings in Gibraltar are looming, trying on their intended gown again isn’t enough to dispel their doubts. 

In that situation, it’s worth taking the time to consider what, exactly, is causing you to question your choice of gown. Maybe you’re concerned that the neckline is slightly too low, or that the style is a bit plain? Maybe you went for straps or sleeves, but are now wondering whether a strapless dress would be a better look for you? 

In the vast majority of cases, bridal boutiques can address any such concerns, often by simply making tweaks here and there. It won’t necessarily take that much to transform your current “is this the one?” dress into a gown that leaves you feeling, “yes, this is definitely the one”. 

It’s also worth checking out what bridal accessories are available – think the likes of belts, veils, jackets and more – both from your chosen bridal boutique and any other sellers out there, such as those on Etsy. Again, small alterations to a dress can make a big difference to its look and feel.

As for if you’re sure you want to replace the dress… 

It’s rare for a bride who has already chosen their wedding gown to go through all the above steps and still wish to replace their dress entirely. However, it does occasionally happen, and you shouldn’t feel bad if this ends up being the case for you. Sometimes, brides are forced to cut their losses and accept that they simply made the wrong choice. 

Again, this situation comes down to communicating with your bridal boutique. If the gown hasn’t yet arrived at the boutique, you might be able to get them to speak to the designer about switching to another dress in their collection. But if you do take this path, we strongly urge you to request to try on a sample of any new design, to ensure you really are confident before committing to it. 

As for if the dress has already come in… well, it’s unlikely that you will be able to get your money back. So in that scenario, you’ll probably need to either accept the dress, or sell it on – perhaps through a site like Still White or Sell My Wedding Dress. Doing so will at least enable you to ‘go back to the drawing board’ and start the process again of choosing and ordering a gown, now with much more confidence and knowledge as to what you really want in a wedding dress. 

Every bride has a slightly different relationship with the wedding gown they ultimately choose, and you deserve to have a dress you love! The same can be said, however, of all the other aspects of your nuptials. So why not contact our experts in weddings in Gibraltar today, so that we can begin the task of assembling a special day that lives up to all your dreams?