What are the most common mistakes made by couples when booking wedding suppliers?

What are the most common mistakes made by couples when booking wedding suppliers?

For couples planning their Gibraltar weddings, there’s a lot to think about – not least which suppliers they should go with for various key services, ranging from the venue and wedding cake to the photography and videography. 

The process of organising and booking a wedding is an exciting one for any couple. However, if you are one of those couples, with so much to plan and decide on, you might understandably feel a little overwhelmed by the length of your “to-do” list. 

To help smooth the path, we have outlined some of the mistakes most frequently made by couples when they are booking their wedding venue and other key suppliers. Read on to discover all you need to know.

  • Booking the first venue or supplier they come across 

Wedding venues are very good at selling their space – and a big part of this is playing on a bit of ‘FOMO’, also known as ‘fear of missing out’. If a given venue that you like gives the impression that they will have a lot of demand from other couples for the date you have in mind, you might find yourself rushing into agreeing to book that venue, before another couple beats you to your favoured date. 

The risk of rushing like this, though, is that you might end up with a venue that proves less than suitable, because you didn’t give yourself the time to properly think things through. 

So, instead of automatically booking the first venue that you visit, make sure you have multiple attractive options to consider, and that you give your ultimate choice plenty of time and thought. After all, your chosen venue will be a major part of your wedding, so you will want to make sure you make the perfect choice for you and your partner.

  • Following the crowd 

In a similar vein, one of the main mistakes that many couples make is ‘following the crowd’ – in other words, simply following whatever the latest trends might be in the world of weddings. 

In and of itself, of course, there’s nothing wrong with being ‘on-trend’. But simply adhering to such trends, without considering their level of suitability to you as a couple, could cause your big day to feel less personal and intimate, and may mean that your experience feels less authentic. 

Yes, Gibraltar weddings may be popular, but there are as many different approaches to Gibraltar weddings as there are Gibraltar weddings! So, you shouldn’t feel pressured into going with a particular venue or service just because ‘other people who got married in Gibraltar have also chosen this’. 

Instead, think about what really works for you two, as a couple. 

  • Contacting too many different vendors

We get it – the moment you get engaged, you may be hugely excited to see what is available in terms of wedding venues and services, and to get on with formally booking your wedding as soon as possible! 

It is best, however, to avoid the urge to immediately contact every single vendor you can think of, as soon as you set the date. At best, it’s an inefficient ‘scattergun’ approach to trying to find suitable wedding suppliers, and at worst, it could lead to you committing to the wrong options. 

Instead, sit down with your beloved and make a shortlist, and go through these a few at a time until you find the suppliers that both of you are happy to contact. 

  • Ignoring their budget

While your wedding day is at least supposed to be the best day of your life, it is important to remember that the ensuing marriage is what really matters – so your wedding budget needs to be fixed. 

Before you look at anything, sit down and work out your budget for the whole event. Then, break this down into amounts for the venue, decorations, reception, dress, and so on, until you have a clear amount for each element of your wedding. Once you have this in place, stick to it – no matter the temptations to ‘splash out’ on little luxuries. 

Your wedding can and should be an extremely exciting event – but for the same reasons, the planning process might feel a little overwhelming at times. So, why not allow our own skilled and experienced experts in Gibraltar weddings to help? Enquire to Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today to learn more about our wedding packages and all-round service.