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What are the benefits of buying your wedding dress in Gibraltar?

A major perk of getting married abroad is being able to buy your wedding dress overseas. It opens up a whole lot of possibilities for brides who are looking for that perfect dress – and you could very well be destined to find yours in Gibraltar. While some women might understandably want to have theirs sorted well in advance of their big day, there’s plenty to be gained from leaving it a little late and picking up yours before getting married in Gibraltar. Let’s look at three benefits you stand to enjoy.


It can be extremely time-consuming looking for a wedding dress at home, sometimes even getting in the way of your work and social life. On the other hand, once you’re abroad you’ll be in full wedding mode anyway. You – and whoever you have helping you – will be just bursting with enthusiasm for the task at hand, making it a lot more enjoyable for everyone involved. Much like when you’ve hired the services of a wedding planning company, it’s just another way to guarantee a care-free run up to your special day.


You can keep a close eye on changing trends when you leave buying your dress closer to your wedding day. This is certainly important since you’ll be able to incorporate local influences once you’ve had a chance to savour Gibraltar. You may opt for something in which you can enjoy the lovely weather, such as dresses that are backless or with a short skirt. You may not even wear white but instead, choose something floral and colourful because it’s what takes your fancy when you arrive.


Your wedding dress won’t ever be too far from you if you buy it in Gibraltar. You won’t have to worry about checking it in at the airport and risk losing it in transit, nor will you have to fold it to fit it into your hand luggage and possibly put creases in it. Instead, you’ll find that it’s safe and in perfect condition for your upcoming nuptials.

How exciting!

The prospect of buying your wedding dress overseas is just another great reason to think about getting married in Gibraltar. If you’re ready to tie the knot and can’t think of a lovelier place to do it, be sure to get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.