What are some of the wedding trends we expect to dominate 2023?

What are some of the wedding trends we expect to dominate 2023?

If 2022 was the year the world finally largely ‘moved on’ from the COVID-19 pandemic and put on some seriously fabulous weddings, 2023 might be the year when many trends related to this resurgence become cemented – and of course, we can expect plenty more besides. 


So, for those of you planning on getting married in Gibraltar in the New Year, what are some of the emerging trends that you might allow to shape your own nuptials? We took a look at a few. 


‘80s-inspired aesthetics 


It might seem as if we’re constantly ‘going back to the ‘80s’ in some way or another – but in 2023, it looks likely to hit bridal fashion in a big way. 


We’ve recently seen bridal fashion catwalks, for example, embrace puff sleeve wedding dresses that might owe more than a little to what Princess Diana did to make the puffy wedding dress iconic in the first place. All in all, expect more gowns that play on the drama the ‘80s did so well, albeit perhaps interpreting it in more subtle ways. 


Petite bouquets 


Jokes aside about how the cost-of-living crisis has even hit bridal bouquets, there seems to have been greater interest lately – at least if one looks at search statistics – in smaller bouquets, which evoke a chic, elegant, and dainty aesthetic compared to the wild and bountiful arrangements that are widely seen as representing a more ‘traditional’ look. 


Of course, no particular size or type of wedding bouquet is inherently better than any other. However, a lot of brides do seem to increasingly appreciate the understated appearance and practicality of small bouquets, which also enable them to draw more attention to their wedding dress. 


Outdoor weddings 


Before the COVID-19 crisis, it was only possible to get married outdoors in England or Wales if the chosen wedding venue had a licensed structure, such as a bandstand or pagoda. But then along came the virus, temporary permission was given for venues to host wedding ceremonies outdoors to help minimise the virus’s spread, and… well, they were a big hit. 


So, it should be no surprise that weddings in the open air are expected to be more of a fixture of 2023 and beyond, than they were in years past. 


You can now tie the knot in any location outside, provided that your chosen venue has a wedding licence. Although of course, if you’re considering getting married in Gibraltar, the chances are that you are more than appreciative of an outdoor aesthetic already, which might tempt you towards a package such as our Botanical Gardens or Mons Calpe Suite option. 


The continuing rise of the dinner suit 


So, putting the bride to one side – what about groomswear? One key trend on that front over the past year has been the immense popularity of dinner suits, which can help make those evening pictures with other wedding attendees more interesting and memorable. 


Indeed, 2023 looks set to be an intriguing year for groomwear trends in general, including a tendency for grooms to opt for a look contrasting with that of other suited members of the wedding party. 


There you go – a few trends to think about if you’re planning a 2023 wedding right now. For more information about how we could help with all aspects of getting married in Gibraltar for you and your beloved, why wait any longer to enquire to Sweet Gibraltar Weddings