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Weddings in Gibraltar are increasing by the day

A very warm welcome back to our weekly blog. It’s your wedding planners of choice, here in Gibraltar, as elected by you, our beautiful clients. We hope that everyone enjoyed the Easter Holidays. We certainly did here in Gibraltar. The weather was incredible and many Gibraltarians enjoyed sunbathing on the local beaches and others headed over to our neighbour Spain to enjoy time in the mountains or on the various beautiful coastlines.

Despite all the rumours on British TV and in the press, we’d like to reassure people that things are not as bad at the border as many would have you believe.

The Spanish authorities are not making it difficult for people to cross the border at this moment in time so, please don’t be put off by what you here in the mainstream news. We are definitely still open for business as usual. In fact, our number of nuptial ceremony in Gibraltar is increasing by the day. If you still don’t know the many advantages of getting married here in Gibraltar, we recommend you read through our website and some of our previous blogs.

You will see that, aside from speaking English and using the Sterling as the official currency, getting married in Gibraltar really is an excellent option for those looking to get married with short notice. The legal paperwork is easier than most other countries. The marriage certificate is valid all around the world and the cost is very economical.

Let’s not forget that you are (almost) guaranteed good weather most of the year. Another advantage is that you can fly directly into Gibraltar from most major British cities, which connect with every other major city in the world.

Alternatively, you can get here by sea or you drive in from Spain. Plus, the bonus is you could choose to have a honeymoon across the border. Spain has many beautiful places to spend the first days of your married life together. It’s seems a shame not to get the most out of your trip here; especially if you have a week or more to travel.

We mentioned you could get here by sea. Well, we’d like to remind our future clients that you can get married in Gibraltar if you arrive here by cruise liner. In fact, the one major advantage of that is that there is no requirement to stay overnight. So, you don’t need a proof of stay. If you wish to know more about that, please do get in touch with us.

Remember, we’re here to answer your questions and help to make your day as special as possible!!!

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