How can you make your wedding look and feel more ‘rustic’?

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How can you make your wedding look and feel more ‘rustic’?

In the grand pantheon of wedding trends, it seems that “rustic” has turned up time and time again in recent years. That’s despite not everyone being able to immediately and easily define it; nonetheless, for many of us who are captivated by this aesthetic, we absolutely recognise and love a “rustic” vibe when we see it. 


So, before we go any further, let’s get to the knotty business of actually defining the term “rustic”. At the time of us writing this blog article, the Collins English Dictionary website stated it as an adjective that you might use to “describe things or people that you approve of because they are simple or unsophisticated in a way that is typical of the countryside.” 


The Cambridge Dictionary, meanwhile, defines “rustic” as “simple and often rough in appearance; typical of the countryside”. 


Anyway, you get the idea. And if you know this is the kind of look you would like to imbue your own special day with, what steps can you take to help you achieve it?


Choose an outdoor wedding venue 


As the definitions above help make clear, for many people organising weddings in Gibraltar or elsewhere, much of the appeal of a rustic wedding theme lies in the opportunity it gives them to feel closer to nature when they tie the knot. 


So, from that point of view, choosing a setting for your nuptials that already has a verdant, rural-looking backdrop on which to celebrate your union, could be just the thing. After all, it would lend itself beautifully to memorable wedding photos and video footage, and it would save you a lot of money on having to pay for “rustic” decorations. 


A wedding package like our own Botanical Gardens Package, then, could be just the thing. Also known as the Alameda Botanic Gardens, the beautiful Gibraltar Botanic Gardens are home to The Dell, which is the secluded, Italian-style garden in which you could be tying the knot, if you select this package for your big day. 


Incorporate rustic-style décor throughout your wedding celebrations 


Even if you do choose a setting for your wedding that gives off a “rustic” feel already, that might not be the end of your work when it comes to infusing a rustic look into your nuptials. After all, there are all manner of little décor touches that can help take your wedding further towards the desired aesthetic. 


You could opt to have table names made from wood, for instance, or be bold and ambitious with your use of foliage throughout the wedding venue. 


You might also go with a ‘mix and match’ approach to the placement of flowers and jars around the venue, although you should still ensure the different pieces complement each other nicely, so that the final set-up doesn’t look too messy and random. 


It can be a lot of fun, too, to gather décor, cutlery, and other essentials in warm, earthy and autumnal colours that work well alongside each other, including various shades of brown and orange. 


Give the entertainment a rustic feel, too 


Imagine going to all the bother of trying to make everything else about your wedding seem suitably rustic, only to suddenly become crushingly unimaginative with the entertainment you put on at the reception. A lot of people planning such weddings do make that mistake, though, so let’s look at how you can avoid it. 


What counts as “rustic” entertainment, anyway? Well, it might mean opting for a live acoustic guitarist to perform in the sun at your wedding, instead of simply the usual DJ playing the kind of top-40 pop hits that everyone already hears everywhere else. 


Other rustic entertainment ideas could include having a grazing station at your wedding, and even a Polaroid station, where guests could attach photos they have taken with a Polaroid camera. If you also invite them to scrawl messages on the Polaroids, this could even serve as an excellent “alternative guestbook” idea. 


There is a lot more we could touch on when it comes to giving your wedding a “rustic” feel – encompassing such aspects as the flowers, cake, and even the wedding car – but you probably get the idea by now. “Rustic” is something that is easier to achieve in weddings in Gibraltar, than you might even realise if you are considering tying the knot in the British Overseas Territory. 


So, if you would appreciate some direct help with planning your Gibraltar wedding from a company that has ‘been there and done it’ for thousands of couples since 2008, why not get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today to learn more about our services?