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Wedding makeup tips for the best photos

On your wedding day in Gibraltar, you’ll be photographed countless times to commemorate the event. So, on top of ensuring your surroundings are scenic and well organised, your bridal makeup needs to be picture-ready. Unfortunately, many brides make the mistake of doing too little or too much, adversely affecting how their wedding pictures turn out. To help you get the best photos, we’ve compiled four wedding makeup tips below.

1. Keep your makeup simple

Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with new looks that have you looking too different. Remember, you’re going to keep these pictures for a long time, and you want to be recognisable when you or your friends look at them.

So, keep it simple by going for a makeup look that complements your face and enhances your features. The goal is to look like the most beautiful version of yourself.

You can add soft colours and blush to lighten up your face, but for the most part, use neutral shades. Additionally, ensure your foundation and contour blend well to avoid looking whitish on camera.

2. Avoid heavy contouring

Face contouring works well in fashion photography but not in wedding photography. You don’t want to be rocking stripes on either side of your cheekbones as they make your face look awkward in pictures. Therefore, steer clear of heavy contouring and only focus on shaping your face lightly to accentuate your feminine features.

3. Apply makeup on your neck and ears

Most brides forget to apply makeup on their necks and ears, creating a sharp contrast that the camera picks up. It’s wise to extend your makeup to these areas, especially if you’ll have your hair up to ensure you have a uniform skin tone that looks great in pictures.

4. Hire a professional

Just like you would hire a wedding planner for your Gibraltar wedding, it’s advisable to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding makeup look. They have more experience with makeup applications and know a trick or two for keeping your makeup in place for the entire wedding ceremony.

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