3 questions that will help you decide on your wedding flowers

wedding flowers

3 questions that will help you decide on your wedding flowers

When it comes to the visual aspects of weddings in Gibraltar or anywhere else, few will be more defining than the flowers chosen. 


You might opt for simply a bouquet and buttonholes, or you may want your entire venue to be decorated with wedding flowers, while some couples decide not to have flowers at all. You get the idea – there will be decisions for you to make in relation to flowers at your wedding. 


If you aren’t exactly an expert in all things floral, making these decisions might be quite intimidating for you. So, let’s pose some of the questions that you will need to ask in order to start narrowing down your options. 


Would it be better to use a florist, or to do your wedding flowers yourself? 


You won’t exactly have failed to notice that we are in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, and this has been a major driver for people arranging weddings in Gibraltar and other parts of the world adopting a ‘DIY’ approach to certain aspects of their nuptials. 


Would it be a wise choice to take this approach for your wedding flowers, though? We would suggest the answer might be “no”; it takes a lot of work to obtain and arrange flowers, and it can be a stressful and time-consuming process to try to get your wedding flowers ‘right’ if you aren’t exactly a specialist in this subject. 


That’s why it’s often simply a better decision to find a professional florist, who will have the creativity, skills, and experience to make sure your wedding flowers look every inch as beautiful as you will want them to look. 


After all, those flowers will be in the wedding photos you reflect on for years to come – this isn’t an aspect of your nuptials where you will want to be “cutting corners” too aggressively. 


What budget do you have for wedding flowers, and what does this make possible? 


Even before our present, especially cost-constrained age, the budget was the most important single factor for couples to think about when it came to their wedding flowers. 


People spend a very wide range of sums on wedding flowers; a survey in 2022 of nearly 5,500 couples in the UK found that the average wedding florist spend was £786. 


Whether your own budget for wedding flowers is some way north or south of that figure, it will make a big difference to the floral styles and sizes it will be possible to create for your wedding. 


So, it’s a good idea to meet with several potential florists, to see exactly what each one could offer you within your budget. All the while, it is crucial to be realistic about what you can spend, having honest conversations about this with florists, so that they can be honest in turn about what designs will be feasible for you. 


What impact will your chosen wedding dress and venue have on the flowers? 


You can probably understand what we’re getting at with this question; these are fundamental visual elements of weddings in Gibraltar, so you will need to make sure your chosen flowers, dress, and venue all work together nicely, instead of clashing. 


In the case of the dress, any bouquet colour will work well with a white dress, whereas if you have a dress in another colour, you might opt for flowers in varying shades of your dress, or in a colour that complements it


With regard to the venue, if the ceremony room will be a vast one with high ceilings, you will want your flower arrangements to be sufficiently large to not get ‘lost’ in the space. And of course, the opposite is true for smaller venues, with large arrangements potentially crowding out everything else that helps to make the setting stunning. 


Also bear in mind that some venues might not lend themselves well to especially elaborate floral arrangements that take a while to put up and take down. So, if you are in any doubt at all, you should check with the venue team to make sure the approach you intend to take with your arrangements in their space will be acceptable for them. 


Would you like to discuss any of these aspects of choosing and arranging flowers for weddings in Gibraltar, with experts that have long planned successful nuptials in the British Overseas Territory? If so, our team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings would be delighted to have that conversation with you