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Wedding dresses for your wedding in Gibraltar

One of the most exciting and important wedding decisions is the dress. After all, you’ll be the focus of everyone’s attention. You’ll want to be stunning. Getting married in Gibraltar almost guarantees you wonderful weather. However, it’s important to consider the warm climate when selecting your ideal dress. No bride wants to worry about sweaty armpit stains on the big day!

Here are a few guidelines to help you to look sensational and keep cool.

Think fabric

Natural fabrics help your body to breathe without working up a sweat. Silk is an ideal fabric being both light and elegant. It drapes your figure beautifully, making you look graceful.

Consider the journey

You need to take into account the crease factor of natural fabrics. A fabric mix can reduce the extent of creases.

Make sure that you plan how to transport your dress. Squashed into a cabin case isn’t going to work. Call the airline. Most are more than happy to help to make your day crease free. Make sure you hang your dress once you arrive to give it time to settle.

Faking it

Ideally, given the sunny setting of Gibraltar, you’d love to have the natural glow of a tan. Remember, fake tan needs to dry completely. Wedding fabrics are not easy to dab clean, so you don’t want any fake tan residue on your dress. The same applies to sun creams, moisturiser or make-up.

Arriving a few days early and getting a natural tan? Your skin will not be used to the intense southern European sun. Make sure you apply the sun cream regularly. Watch for strap marks that might be visible wearing your wedding dress. Sunburn and wedding dresses are not a good combination!


The heat can make your feet swell. Footwear needs to be glamorous and comfortable, which isn’t an easy mix to find. Wedges will certainly give you greater stability and comfort. In addition, summer sandal wedges can be glittering and dazzling with a perfect pedicure.

Weddings in Gibraltar offer the perfect backdrop and weather. However you decide to dress, this is the ideal setting to make every bride look fabulous.

Happy shopping!