We Love what We Do - Sweet Gibralatr Weddings

We Love what We Do - Sweet Gibralatr Weddings

We love what we do

Welcome back to our weekly blog.

We hope that everyone had a great week. It’s been a phenomenal week for us. In fact, it’s been a very rewarding few weeks. The wedding season is in full swing and just over the last few weeks, we have helped over 15 couples get happily married on the rock. Not only, but we have assisted over 50 more to start the proceedings for their wedding.

It’s always a pleasure, for us, to meet couples who wish to get married here and we get more pleasure from seeing them make their dream come true on their special day.

We love what we do and there is something definitely magical about weddings. When two people come together to be united as man and wife, not only are they expressing their love for one another and making a commitment to spend the rest of their life together, they’re announcing to the world that they’ve found their special someone; their soul mate.

When our professional photographer sends us the photographs to put on Facebook, what strikes us the most is the way a couple look at each other. It’s almost like there’s a silent language going on that the rest of the world can’t hear but it’s obvious to see.

Each glance, each smile, each kiss or hug they give to one another says something that is more powerful than words. It’s the unspoken language of love. No matter how long we’ve been organising wedding, nor the enormous quantity of weddings we have organised, we never get tired of seeing such an expression of beauty between two people who love each other. Like we said above, it’s magical and definitely priceless.

For us, it’s also incredibly rewarding to see so many happy people and that’s why we love what we do and it’s thanks to all our clients that we continue to organise weddings with the same passion as we did when we started over 10 years ago. In fact, sometimes we find it hard to believe so many years have gone by. Sometimes, it still feels like yesterday.

We still have the innocent child like awe at every wedding and we appreciate deeply the amount of people who trust us with their special day and hope you will too when the time comes. We understand that for each person, finding their special someone is a truly beautiful thing. For us, being allowed to participate in that specialness, in our capacity as wedding planners, is even more special.

We hope that all of you reading this find your special someone and if you’re looking for somewhere beautiful, affordable and easy to get married, then contact us. We’ll be only too happy to assist you.