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A visit to the Botanical Gardens is definitely a must.

A very warm welcome back to our weekly blog. We hope you’re all keeping well, enjoying life and falling in love all around the world. Well, love is our business. So, if you fall in love we hope you’ll visit our beautiful Gibraltar, decide to get married here and choose us as your preferred wedding planners as so many other people have already done.

We have to say it’s been an amazing week for our wedlocks in Gibraltar. The temperature has risen tremendously and the sun has been shining brightly on all our lucky brides and grooms who were here on the rock, with us, this week.

The great news is that the Dell, in the Botanical Gardens, is now open once again for weddings. It’s an amazing setting to hold your wedding in. It’s full of colourful flowers in bloom and is landscaped to create a truly romantic setting for your special day. To see it, please have a look through our wedding photos. It will inspire you.

Even if you’re not getting married but choose to visit Gibraltar, a visit to the Botanical Gardens is definitely a must. This year, they even opened a new orchid centre within the gardens themselves.

With every season that changes, the flower arrangements in the Alameda change too. However, with every passing year, the one thing that remains constant is the picturesque spectacle of colours and beauty that capture all who visit the gardens. In the warmer months it’s not uncommon to see an abundance of beautiful butterflies feeding on the flowers and sweeping through the air in what seems like a playful dance in the sky.

Why not join our many couples who tied the knot in the Dell and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment in the middle of one of the most natural spots in Gibraltar. You won’t be disappointed.

You can have a look through our matrimony packages to see what we offer you for weddings in the Dell. Of course, if nature and its romanticism doesn’t grab your attention, then we have a varied choice of venues where you can get married as an alternative.

We offer a number of packages that cater for every budget. So, you choose how much you want to spend and you choose how and where you’d like to make your vows.

Alternatively, drop us an email or call us and we will be very happy to answer any queries you may have. Remember, we’re here for you and want you to have the happiest wedding possible.

Have a beautiful weekend.