Top tips to keep kids entertained at your beachside wedding

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Top tips to keep kids entertained at your beachside wedding

Couples organising weddings in Gibraltar are inevitably often anxious to ensure that every last detail of their special day comes off nicely, with no disruptions, setbacks, or other sources of avoidable stress. And certainly, a key priority that you are likely to have for your own nuptials is making sure guests have the best possible time. 


When you have little ones at your wedding, making sure everyone is entertained can be an ongoing challenge. This is why, below, we have put together some top tips to help keep kids entertained and allow you to enjoy your perfect beachside wedding.

  • Have a dedicated kids’ corner


One of the best ways to make sure children are kept busy and engaged is to ensure they have their own place to hang out – and what better option could there be than a dedicated kids’ corner? 


Set up a small area for the children to eat, draw and play, and add plenty of toys and supplies to keep them occupied. Once you have, they will be more than happy to keep themselves entertained while the adults party!

  • Hire an entertainer


If the budget allows, hiring a dedicated children’s entertainer could be a great way to keep the little ones busy. Magicians, puppeteers, face painters, and even clowns are all examples of children’s entertainers who you could conceivably hire for your wedding in the Mediterranean sun. 

  • Make sure they are fed


A key part of keeping children happy and content at your wedding will be to make sure they are fed and watered, and having a child-friendly menu will play a key role in this. Whether you opt for obviously kid-friendly food or adorable miniature versions of the adult dishes, making sure children avoid hungry bellies will be vital for reducing tantrums and issues.

  • Get them involved!


If you really want the children present to enjoy the day, you could try and involve them as much as possible. One option could be to task them with taking photographs – invest in a stack of disposable cameras, and give each child the role of snapping shots through the day. You never know what cute candids they may come up with!

  • Just relax


Ultimately, children are unpredictable. So, the best option in many cases is to simply kick back, relax, and accept that there will be some disruption. This way, you can help ensure you throw the perfect beachside wedding for everyone to enjoy, no matter their age. 


With our own stellar track record and expertise in weddings in Gibraltar here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can greatly help ensure you take all the right steps for your own nuptials, whether or not you are set to have young ones in tow. Why not get in touch today to learn more about what could be possible when you work with us?