Top tips for choosing wedding favours suitable for a destination wedding

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Top tips for choosing wedding favours suitable for a destination wedding

Wedding favours have been an integral part of weddings for centuries – and for weddings in Gibraltar, this is no different. However, when planning a wedding abroad, you of course have more logistical hoops to jump through to ensure you have the best wedding favours.

So, how can you make choosing wedding favours for a destination wedding as stress-free as possible? Let’s take a look. 

Check airline or customs rules 

Certain items are prohibited from being taken on aeroplanes, even more so in your hand luggage. If your wedding is only a short plane ride away, as is the case for weddings in Gibraltar for those travelling from the UK, some of your guests might not opt to ‘check in’ hold luggage, so it is a good idea to stay clear of anything flammable, liquids over 100ml, and so on. 

Are you buying it there or taking it with you? 

Taking a lot of wedding favours in your suitcase is only going to weigh you down – literally! Consider how much luggage you are already preparing to take, how much you are allowed, and whether you are prepared to lug a potentially large box of gifts all the way to your destination. 

Make sure it can survive the journey home 

Even if you are purchasing or collecting your wedding favours once you get to your destination, it is still important to consider how well it might travel, even if it is technically allowed on the plane. 

Sweets, macaroons, chocolates, and other perishables can work, if your guests eat them before jetting off home. On the other hand, plants and succulents will almost definitely not survive airport security. 

Let tradition give you inspiration 

Around the 16th century, when wedding favours were first recorded in England, it was common practice for the bride and groom to give their guests a piece of lace or ribbon tied into a “love knot”. This was to symbolise their joining in matrimony, and to impart good luck upon their loved ones. 

As this is very easy to transport in bulk to your destination, and for guests to fit in their suitcase to take home with them, this is a particularly meaningful and practical favour idea for weddings in Gibraltar. 

Theme favours around your destination 

For example, for weddings in Gibraltar, both British and Spanish traditions could be considered. During Spanish weddings, guests are presented with “detalles” by the bride and groom during the wedding breakfast, otherwise known as the banquete de bodas or convite. Traditionally, these detalles would be a cigar for the men, and a small pin or broach for the women. 

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