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Tips for making a wedding video

Wedding videos are one of those things that often escape our minds but when we do want one, it might not be financially possible to pay a professional. So, now what? There are video features on every type of device these days, from smartphones to DSLRs so there’s got to be a way to make your own, right? Correct. You can choose a reliable friend for this job, even if they have no video making experience. All you need to do is have them follow these tips and you’ll have a perfect wedding video to look back on.

Talk with the photographer

As your friend who’s doing the video won’t be moving that much in order to keep the film steady, they probably won’t get in the wedding photographer’s way. If you’ve hired a professional photographer, they will most likely be happy to offer some tips to your friend about where to stand etc. This will also allow the photographer to know when to stay out of the video’s line of sight as not to ruin the footage.

Having clear audio

The only thing that’s worse than having a shaky hand is being unable to hear anything. A bad video with great sound isn’t ideal but it’s arguably better than a decent video with terrible sound. The simplest way to make sure your camera is picking up sound is to be close enough to the people speaking. If you can hear what’s being said, then the camera will too.

Editing can be easy

If your friend makes complete recordings of each event then the editing will be super easy. All they have to do is decide when to start the clips and when to transition the video onto the next part of the wedding. Since it’s a continuous clip, they don’t need to overlap shots and line up audio to make a good video. If your friend uses Instagram or Snapchat then they’ll already have some experience with video making and editing.

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