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Tips for having an autumn wedding in Gibraltar

Autumn is a magnificent season to get married in and even though Gibraltar is still very warm, you can still add some autumn feeling to your wedding. There are many things to think about when having a wedding during this season, such as the colour scheme and what types of flowers to have. As there are quite a few tips on having an autumn wedding, we have highlighted our favourites down below.

Colour and decorations

The colours and hues that come with autumn are truly spectacular. As the sun sets, tones of gold, reds and oranges will create a beautiful backdrop for your photographs, keeping in theme with autumn. If you are having your reception inside, why not bring autumn in with you? Leaves, candles and pine cones are all excellent table decorations.


Choosing flowers which are complementary to autumn is a great way to tie everything together. If you want to enhance the autumnal element, wildflowers would be a great addition but if you prefer something a little more elegant, roses and tulips in burgundy, deep reds and oranges will be perfect.

Food and drink

While you can opt for the local cuisine, autumn has some of the best food than at any other time of the year. Some of the veg included could be butternut squash, carrots and cauliflower. Even though it could still be slightly warm in the evening, consider having roast meats and possibly soup to really bring autumn to the table. Red wines which are deeper in colour along with ales will also add something extra to the menu.


During the ceremony, having natural candlelight will set a romantic tone, one that will be even more pronounced surround by the colours of autumn. As day moves to night, fairy lights, lanterns and even sparklers will help to capture the moment in true autumn style.

If you are wanting to have your special day in Gibraltar this autumn, visit Sweet Gibraltar Weddings for package deals and if you have any questions, our onsite team will be happy to help.