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Tips for eloping to Gibraltar to get married

Eloping to get married is a breathtaking adventure. You might not be telling anyone about your wedding, but in order to elope, you still need to plan a little.

Why choose Gibraltar for an elopement?

Gibraltar is the perfect wedding destination for an elopement because of the simple requirements for getting hitched on the Rock.

There are no residency requirements to be wed in Gibraltar. You only have to stay overnight to legally get married in Gibraltar. Plus, all the official documents, including the marriage certificate, are in English, saving a whole load of faff further down the line.

And of course, Gibraltar is a stunning place to get married. Bathed in sunshine, with beautiful scenery, stunning historical locations and a laidback vibe, the British territory is the perfect place to flee to and say your vows.

Tips for an impromptu elopement to Gibraltar

Come up with a loose plan

Eloping to get married means doing everything on your terms. As much as it’s an intimate, heady and romantic way to celebrate the union between just the two of you, a little pre-planning will ensure the perfect day (just don’t tell anyone).

You might not even want a wedding itinerary, but you will still need to think about what the two of you want to do. You may want to book a trip or a restaurant, so a little thought is still required.

Make it special

Mark the occasion with something wondrous that just the two of you have always dreamed of. Wear something special, plan your day and don’t forget to book a photographer to share your intimate memories with everyone else and to make sure you have a wonderful story to tell the grandkids one day.

Plan your announcement

One of the thrills of keeping your big day a secret is the big reveal. Think about how you’re going to announce your news and how you will later involve friends and family in the celebration.

Finally, don’t forget the legalities. Getting married in Gibraltar is relatively easy, but you will still need ID and paperwork. An elopement should be fuss-free, call on the services of local wedding experts like Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to take care of all that for you while you concentrate on the adventure.